Saturday, October 06, 2012

So Lino, thats The Linoleum Surfer, is back again after a long hiatus and has written about one of the very topics that I was going to write about this week. Beat me to it, and an absolutely solid piece on dick heads who park in disabled parking spots, who just can't park at all, or who like to block other people in. It was a very entertaining read, and unlike Lino's usual ramblings, didn't take me 3 hours to finish. He does like to write.

There is a Facebook group, I found it a few weeks ago and filed it away for writing about, but Lino got there first. The facebook group is simply: No Disability = No Parking.

I urge you all to go and check out the group, and "like" it to lend your support to it. Basically if you see a vehicle parked in a disabled parking space and it does not have a disabled parking sticker on it, take a picture of it and post it to the group for all to see.

The Sabco shopping area in Qurum is regularly patrolled by ROP looking to dish out tickets and on two separate occasions I've seen ROP officers not issue tickets to vehicles in disabled parking spaces - poor enforcement of these parking spaces will just continue to see people abusing it.

Another personal gripe, as delightfully described by Lino, is the "doubler" which is invariably a car parked across two parking spaces. Perhaps the worst offenders of doubling are those who like to take 2 spaces at the Muscat Grand Mall. Asshats.

Go and check out the facebook group!

le fin.


Anonymous said...

Yes...these people are assholes...but not as much as those who fake a disables sign and place it on their dashboard while parking in one of these places. I don't want to give ideas but these are a real rotten dickheads, sir.

br said...

Corniche is a another horrid place. The taxi drivers (near the entrance of the souq) not only occupy the space reserved for them but also 15-20 other spots of regular parking.. They actually had a 'queue' system where one car will will wait at the double parking, as soon as a spot got empty, they would fill the space.. Leaving the residents and visitors absolutely no parking.

The Linoleum Surfer said...

"Ramblings", is it? Haha...harsh but fair, I suppose.

Thanks for the shout out, and the more that raise this subject, the better.

For my part, I shall return to "dishonourable" as soon as possible.



BigManInOman said...

I can't seem to leave a message on Lino's page because I don't have a blog....
On Twitter we have a hashtag for these pictures #DDS, which stands for the Daily Douchebag Shot and started when I was parking behind the Bank of Beirut/Muriya building and people regularly take up two, or three (!), spots.
Maybe we need to get a separate hashtag for the 'No Disabilty-No Parking' crew.
Good post and good to see that there is a large number of people who actually want to see an end to this.
Now if we can set one up for the assclowns that think it is OK to cut in right at the very end of a traffic back-up.

Oman Collective Intelligence said...

Lino is always back and then always disappear. Bit lazy isn't he? ;)
As for the topic, yes, full of morons out there, especially the ones with fake permits. A stricter law enforcement maybe?

The Linoleum Surfer said...

BMIO, you should be able to leave a comment under an "OpenID", that just involves your making up a name. You shouldn't need to have a Google or any other account. But I will check my settings and make it easier if I can.

OCI: now, now! OK, maybe a bit lazy. But this is just part of my occasional hobby and real life often take precedence; your blog is at least part of your job. So there. Anyway, I have a post coming in your area of interest soon - I find some of your pieces extremely helpful by the way.

Oman Collective Intelligence said...

Just kidding Lino :)
Thanks for reading the blog and if there's anything you need for your post let me know. Looking forward to it!

shallicomparethee said...

universal problem, not just Muscat, generally same people who throw litter out the window!

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