Thief targeting women at Al Fair in MQ

Just a small update for the weekend.

It appears that a man or men are identifying women who are shopping at the Al Fair in MQ as easy targets for robbery. Some are followed from the ATM's at Bank Muscat/ HSBC, some appear to just be targets of oppurtunity.

The robberies usually happen once the women have gotten into their cars - the theif simply walks up to the car, opens it, snatches the bag and then legs it. The theif is not wearing a dishdasha and looks like he is in his mid to late twenties and is apparently a fast little bugger. The ROP are aware and investigating. The management at Al Fair have no external cameras, and have decided not to put up a sign warning others of this threat as it might deter shoppers from visiting there.

Back to ABC's people - get in your car and lock your doors, problem solved.

Enjoy the weekend.

le fin.
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  1. Wow, sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones that work..

  2. What happened to the Aladdin days when thieves had their hands cut off? I like that idea. :-P

  3. There was also a robbery a while back at the Bank Muscat ATM in MQ, in which a young Omani man was stabbed.

    Side effects of an increasing heroin problem.

  4. Maybe Al Fair should understand that people won't want to do business with a company/shop that doesn't value their customers' safety first. Putting profits before people is a BIG mistake.

  5. Al Fair should immediately hire security to watch over the parking lot and they should install cameras. The idea of 'pretending like nothing is wrong' is completely unacceptable. Expat women -- particularly the big groups -- should tell them the expat women will stop shopping at their stores if they refuse to take steps to keep them safe. Plain and simple!

  6. So you get robbed outside Al Fair as well as inside! Glad the women are safe, such as horrid experience.

  7. The days in Oman of ignoring problems because they dont affect those who can deal with them are surely over (unless people are still unaware of social media) . It would be horrific if somebody resisted the car bag-snatch and was assaulted, or worse.

  8. A good marketing ploy/customer service yet again from Al Al AlFair/UNFAIR......They rip you off when you are inside and don't care about shoppers safety or security outside. The same old story. They don't give a toss as long as they take your money for sub standard,expired, imported products.

    Boycott them and then see....

  9. Warning the public would not deter them from shopping for groceries. I would just make them aware of the situation, thus to be caution not to fall victim.


  10. As bad as the situation is, I must question why it is Al Fair's responsibility to provide security in a public car park. They could, and probably should, do it as a courtesy to their patrons but it is a public car park after all.
    Yes, Al Fair is expensive, but they do have a range of goods not available in other stores but, most importantly for many, they are in convenient locations.
    I go there purely because they are the only place that do good bread and do the rest of my shopping in Lulu.
    Oman has basked in the splendour of being a safe country but progress brings negatives as well as positives and when you have a poorly structured schooling system, a high cost of living and a large population of under-21s you will see crime rise.
    The best thing we can do is do as we would when we are in a Western country and lock our doors, always be cautious and don't flash the cash.
    Also, if I were a husband of one of the victims I would have some sort of vigilante system in place. The police wont pay much attention unless it is an easy case for them to solve but maybe publicising this case will make them work a little bit harder.

  11. Low Crime does not mean No Crime

    I find it utter ridiculous for anyone to blame Al Fair for the things that happen outside their store.

    Yes i know they are expensive and you need to look at expiry dates when you buy something there but this is not the topic...

    How would you feel if someone blame you for an accident that happen outside your home and tell you that you should install a speed hump so you can be a responsible home owner and play a part to prevent accident happening outside your house cause mainly by the recklessness of drivers that love to speed there.

    The problem is that these ladies take the low crime rate in Oman for granted, the ladies are complacent hence these thieves thrive on it.

    I personally seen ladies leaving their handbag on trolleys and even babies strollers and they walk away from it looking at other things - this happen in Carrefour, Al Fair, TSC, MCC, Grand Mall etc.. if their bags got stolen or even child got kidnap .. who is to be blame - the Mall?

    i am sure you ladies will not be this ignorant toward crime prevention back home.. South Africa, Malaysia, USA, UK etc..

    Come on people, take responsibility for your actions or lack of it towards crime prevention… and be more vigilant to protect yourself… and if you take things for granted and got screwed just blame yourself ok? no one is responsible for your safety other than yourself and your hired personal bodyguards … Sekian Terima Kasih

  12. Al Fair is only interested in the customers that bypass the cash registers. Once thru the exit doors they couldnt give a toss. personally, I dont shop their and would suggest shoppers who are concerned about their safety to shop elsewhere until Al Fair gets its act together and implements some form of security measure.


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