Newspapers in Oman

Time for another instalment of the series: MM guide to Oman - this one is about the news papers here.

I'm only going to talk about the English language ones, of which there are 2 main types: dailies and weeklies.

The Dailies 

Times of Oman
This is the oldest newspaper in the country, and is published daily, it currently costs 200bz. You can subscribe to the paper on this page, annual subscription costs about RO 70.

Muscat Daily
This is the newest paper in Oman, it currently costs 200bz. You can subscribe to the paper on this page, annual subscription costs RO 13.5.

Oman Observer
You can subscribe to the paper on this page, annual subscription costs are not disclosed on their website, but from memory I think it's about RO 70.

Oman Tribune
The Tribune, The edge of knowledge, started up in 2004 as Oman started to grow on the back of the regional developmental advances in the early-mid 2000's. I personally don't read the Tribune much, only if I see it laying about when waiting somewhere. You can subscribe to the paper on this page, annual subscription costs RO 70.

Gulf News
This paper is produced in the UAE (I think) and is 500bz a day for the paper, but it's well written and has a lot of added features written into it. The paper is also less self-censored and occasionally likes to stir the pot a little. I don't know about subscription costs in Oman, but in the UAE it is Dhs 400 for a year (about RO 45.

The Weeklies - These are all free

The Week
This is published every Tuesday, and is produced by Apex Publishing - the same people behind Muscat Daily. Personally I only read the editors comment, and the letters of people writing in to bitch about (invariably) the driving here. It's also got a classifieds section it - sometimes handy if your looking for a car or furniture for your house. You can download it every week from here, or find a pick up spot for them - but they go fast!

This is published every Friday and is produced by the same people as The Times of Oman. I don't really read it much,

Black & White
This one is actually published every month, but I hardly ever see it - I don't even know where you can pick up the paper to be honest - but you can download the most recent copy from their website, at time of writing it was up to date.

This is produced by Sabco Media, the same people behind Merge 104.8 and a large majority of bill board around town. Notorious amongst certain circles for hanging it's editor out to dry when a legal case was brought against the publication a few years ago. It's a shame because it can cover quite provocative topics from time to time. You can download it from their website, and it is my favourite weekly paper published here in the Sultanate.

And thats my summary of all the locally published news papers in Oman. There are of course other papers available here, but these are the English Language local papers that I'm aware of here in town. There are also a number of other weeklies/monthlies - I just captured the "big 4" English ones.

le fin.

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