Some milestones.

Hi everyone, a bit slow week on the blog this week due to the usual Pre-Eid crunch in the office. Lots of work to do. I guess that's better than no work to do, it makes the day's go faster I find.

Anyway, I'm fairly excited about having finally hit a milestone here on ze blog. I'm probably totally on my own with my thoughts on this but I'm geeked about it anyway.... we finally are at 50,000+ hits in a single month, after skating so close most of this year in the mid 40's, finally the 50k target has been achieved!

Thats awesome that so many people are reading these mutterings. And speaking of you all, I'm also pretty shocked to see that the Facebook fan page is gathering pace and we're now right on the verge of crossing into the 2000 fans mark!

I wonder if it'll tick over to 2000 before Eid?

Thanks again everyone for reading, emailing and commenting :)

le fin.
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Oman Collective Intelligence said...

Not bad ;)

Anonymous said...

Mabrouk! I love your blog, keep up the good work :)

AZ said...


The Linoleum Surfer said...

Good job, Mutt!

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