Saturday Night Fever at Mumtaz Mahal

Just a quick suggestion for Eid, more coming in a day or so once I get finished all of my work!
Bars are closed Tonight and Tomorrow night, reopening Friday afternoon.
Saturday Night Fever
Muscat's favorite Indian restaurant is offering a super saturday special for lovers of Indian food and the drinks we like to have with it.
From 7pm to 11pm every Saturday Mumtaz Mahal offers an unlimited set menu that you can enjoy with unlimited drinks such as beer, house wine and house spirits- all for RO15++.
Great fun for a group of friends to catch up during Eid after a few days camping or for a dinner with the family or a loved one. 
Book early on 2460 5907 and make sure you leave plenty of space!
If you are a MRFC member, show your card to save 10% off of food and non-alcoholic beverages every time you're at Mumtaz!

le fin.
Saturday Night Fever at Mumtaz Mahal Saturday Night Fever at Mumtaz Mahal Reviewed by Sythe on Wednesday, October 24, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Hey how can u miss the new restaurant opening in al nahda towers 2 .. 360 degree check that out going to be a cool and awesome place...
    Mumtaz Mahal staff are snobish and they serve non indians very well..and indians are not served that well .. and also there food is oki only advantage they got a teriffic location...

  2. Nice- you diss Mumtaz to try and push your own place. Lots of restaurants do special deals but what is special about 360 apart from a view?
    Tell people why they may want to try it, what is on the menu, do you serve alcohol?
    If Indians are treated so badly in Mumtaz then why do they keep returning? There are always many, many in there.

  3. Dude its not my place.. i just read it about in week. its not yet open but to whatever i read its looks to be really cool... and also Mumtaz Mahal is a racist place and the food is really bad.. people who dont know authentic indian food would never like the place.. they just dont serve authentic food at all.. the food is so average.. and btw y u feeling so bad r u one of the waiter in Mumtaz Mahal... the snob one .. the manager who is too equally snabish and lazy...

  4. im not a big fan of MM but dont mind going there with the family once in a while. is this a permanent promotion or just for eid cause im not here for eid anyway. and also on the 'race' issue. you find that not just among indians but a lotta ppl in the service industry wherein they just talk bluntly to black, brown or yellow skinned ppl ( no offense to anyone ) but as soon as a white skin person enters as a patron you'll see a delightful goodmorning or goodevening with a fake smile as well. this i find hilarious!
    leaving that aside. wish everyone eid mubarak and happy holidays.

  5. hey the best tandorri chicken tikka masala is served at The Majan Hotel and the nan breads are sooo lush, been to MM few times bit would not rate it that good,,, yum yum

  6. Greetings from all of us in Team Mumtaz. We appreciate your feedback. The guest is always right in our opinion and look forward to serving you again with the hope that you see the difference. We are definitely not biased against Indians since we all are of the same gender n race as service providers and proud to be such. I apologise if the lazy me or my Team members didn't live up to your expectations. We shall make amends and love to know what exactly has perturbed you. We may not be perfect I agree but definitely are not biased about Indian ex Pats visiting and dining with us. There has to a particular or specific point that makes you say what u said. I am responsible as Head of Operations and would like to correct this biased feeling you had when you last visited Mumtaz. Pls feel free to call me - Gautam and GSM N+: 99339352 or LL: 24607103 and allow me to hear you as in be frank.

    We are here to serve all and everyone who visit us with care and warmth.

    I am sure your recent last visit has a definite reason but do allow me the opportunity to correct, explain, apologise and make amends.
    This is not asking much I am sure.

    Hospitably yours,


    Mumtaz Mahal Restaurant. Muscat.

  7. Gautam,
    I really appreciate to hear this out but even when i have visited the restaurant very often and i have felt the same , th epeople who are serving us they are much more warm and approachable to the non indian community which includes locals and western expats as to an indian they dont serve with the same warmth and they think we dont have the money ... and to my utter surprise its the indian waiter and its theri attitude whcih is wrong.. even also for the seating arrangements the best one are kept for western expats and the indians are not given the best seats.. this is felt not only by me but lots of my friends and colleagues and hecne we avoid now going to your restaurant.. to what i read from your lines .. i am very pleased to hear this but you need this to run it to all your staff and make them aware of theri behavious which is causing this bad reputation to your restaurant... and once the change is seen i am sure everyone will be more than happy to be there.. i hope its taken in the right spirits and worked upon accrodingly.... i prefer not to call you and remain anonymous.... thanks...

  8. Dear Anonymous, am really grateful for your response & feedback. Need to know your date and time of visit pls. This will help me in taking corrective action from TOP (the head of Opns) to the bottom.

    On behalf of me n my Team; truly and sincerely apologise for the experience you had at Mumtaz recently. I would like to also assure you that already an corrective action is taken with the team members.

    Trust we will do better on your next visit and make amends. Thanks for your feedback again. Another opportunity is not too much to ask for and make things right.

    Apologetically yours,

    Gautam (99339352)

  9. Wow, power of the web ! And even better, done in a polite way !

  10. went to 360 degrees - the ambiance is good - but the service is BAD -- after waiting for 1 hour and 15 minutes we didn't get our order (not a morsel of food was served for that long) we had to walk out and no one even apologized to us. Esp my mother who was with us and was tired after waiting for so long..... really bad experience - that too for the first day and being their grand opening- they didn't have most of the dishes we ordered either!

  11. Hi all,

    I would like you all to go and check out 360 degree restaurant at al nahda towers in ghala..that restaurant is something that I would like to quote as a real class.i went there and man...the food is awesome.their sushi is best in town and sheesha place is really is not even a very expensive for anyone who wants to have a good food ,good sheesha and experience good service along with a nice is a must visit place.

  12. Yes,I agree with the above blog comments regarding 360 degree is such an awesome place.i love their sheesha area.ihave been there couple of times .their food ,steaks are also very tasty.good staff,and good food and great sheesha.


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