Just a quickie: Road Closure expected

Just a little update this afternoon - apparently the Tanzanian president is visiting today, and the roads are expected to be closed at some point this afternoon.

Schools are closing at 1.00pm today, and the latest rumours are saying to expect a road closure somewhere between 2 and 3pm. But, as always, who knows?!

You can follow @muscattraffic on twitter for more updates.

le fin.
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Anonymous said...

Great- Oman acts like a 3rd world country because a 3rd world leader is visiting. Can they not put him in a helicopter and fly him to the palace so that we can avoid spending another hour in traffic that we are already losing copious man-hours to as it is due to sham roadworks and poor planning.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last statement, let's see how many RTAs happen today because of people trying to get to and from their homes.,who will the authorities blame then.
I don't pay school fees for my kids to be taken from school early by something that can be avoided.it's a joke
No other country shuts its city down when some one important arrives! Advertising this is more of a security risk.
Think about it.

Anonymous said...

2 till 3pm??? Joke in itself....now 4.30pm and roads still blocked :-(
Disgrace! Completely agree with all of above.....nonsense situation!

Nadia said...

Left Omantel building in Al Mawaleh at 3:20. Arrived at Park Inn Khuwair at 5:00. Unfortunately I didn't hear about the road closure plans, otherwise I would have taken the back road. Insane!!!! Surely it wasn't necessary?

Anonymous said...

Last night again the closed the road. It was horrendous!

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