Hay Fever

The Ras Al Hamra Amateur Drama Society are running a play this weekend for 3 nights, its called Hay Fever and it runs from Wednesday the 17th October thru Friday the 19th from 7pm each night. It's not suitable for kids under 12 years old though.

The show is at Ras Al Hamra Recreation Club (aka the PDO club) and tickets cost RO 5 for PDO members, and RO 7 for non PDO members. If you are not a member of PDO and would like to buy tickets, you can get them by contacted this email address: hann85@hotmail.com

Your ticket will grant you access to PDO club from 6:30pm onwards on the evening of your purchased performance. 

Hay Fever was written by Noël Coward epitomises the sophisticated wit of the era between the two world wars. It is a comedy of manners about a family whose theatrical excesses torment a group of unsuspecting visitors. Coward wrote the play in just three days in 1925 and has won praise from both audiences and critics ever since. Considered by many to be cleverly constructed, wittily written, slightly cynical, and undeniably entertaining, the work contains all the elements that would help establish Coward’s reputation as a playwright.

Hay Fever is set in the hall of the Bliss family home. The eccentric Blisses—Judith, a recently retired stage actress, David, a self-absorbed novelist, and their two equally unconventional children — live in a world where reality slides easily into fiction. The maid, of course, has seen it all before, but the unfortunate weekend guests—a diplomat, a shy flapper, an athletic boxer, and a fashionable sophisticate— are repeatedly thrown into melodramatic scenes where their hosts gorge on their spurious emotions and react to situations that do not really exist. The resulting chaos ends only when the tortured visitors can take no more. 


le fin.
Hay Fever Hay Fever Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Nice bit of copy and pasting for the play review ;)

  2. Thanks for the plug Mr S. If any of your followers wish to keep up to date with the goings on at RAHADS, they can follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Rahads

  3. I do enjoy a good bit of copy and pasting it has to be said!!


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