Andy Pyzer's quiz is back

Well, before Ramadan began, I blogged that the Crowne Plaza had decided it didn't like money and regular customers in it's pub, Dukes Bar, and so ceased it's Contract with local irritant dj/entertainer Mr Andrew Pyzer.

It seems that the Grand Hyatt, always a fan of regular customers in it's bars, has stepped in to keep Mr Pyzers rum whisky & coke situation covered and tonight sees the launch of the new pub quiz to be held in the Hyatt's some-what neglected Copacabana Club.

Teams can register from 8:00 and the quiz kicks off at 8:30.

le fin.
Andy Pyzer's quiz is back Andy Pyzer's quiz is back Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, September 03, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Whisky and Coke......

  2. Same night as the Intercon quiz eh....?
    Friendly challenge, but we won't defect.

  3. Does anyone even go to the intercon anymore?

  4. It has been same night as Intercon for the last 8 years, just a new venue that is all.
    Should be fun tonight... looking forward to it..

  5. Adam's quiz night is the best quiz night in Muscat by far! Everyone get down to Adam's quiz at the Hyatt tonight!


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