Pyzers last pub quiz on Monday night.

For many expats here, you may have, over the last 8 years, attended one of Andy Pyzers pub quiz's at the Duke's bar, in the Crowne Plaza in Qurum. It seems that after running the quiz for 8 years, the management have decided to bin the pub quiz there, apparently having a pub quiz in an "English themed pub" is not in-line with their brand standards. Hmm.

I attended the quiz last week for the first time in a few years, along with the support group, The Abandoned Dads Society (TADS) for a "planning meeting" to "discuss various summer activities". The quiz was split into half questions and half music rounds, to mark the departure of the MRFC's long-serving medic, T.

So if you fancy coming out for a beer before Ramadan starts, and to attend the last ever pub quiz to be hosted by Andy at the Duke, head there tomorrow night - tables get booked up early by teams, so call ahead to book a table, and turn up early.

le fin.
Pyzers last pub quiz on Monday night. Pyzers last pub quiz on Monday night. Reviewed by Sythe on Sunday, July 15, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. RIP Andy.
    Hugs and kisses from Foxhat. (especially Susan and the unforgettable Carla)

  2. Good riddance - he is an obnoxious halfwit.

  3. We will be there. Suspect the Plaza will regret the decision. The loss of Ian my bar bill alone will damage their profits.

  4. who gives a sh*t? he is a disrespectful pill-popping sad sack.

  5. Thanks for the plug mate, It was a great turn out from 11 teams and was a great night as always.
    Good to see I have mixed reviews here, always my aim.. to stir a debate. I always aim to have fun and most people see it that way, that's why I lasted 8 years at the Crowne Plaza and have the busiest and best quiz in town. Not everyone will enjoy it as some of your readers comment but I can live with that. obnoxious... to some yes, i accept that.... disrespectful.... depends on who it is, pill popping not true and sad sack... well as the years advance sadly that may be true but clearly I have more talent than you ever will have. The new quiz will start at the Grand Hyatt after the Holy month, if 50% of your readers support me we will all be happy for the rest I will be happy that you even care to comment about me, glad I matter to you xxx peace out

  6. " he is a disrespectful pill-popping sad sack",,,,,
    Four Eyes (you chose your nickname not me!) If you don't like him you are entitled to your opinion....but please for the rest of us who enjoy his quizzes.....either qualify your statement 'pill-popping' with evidence or publically not a false written statement libel?????

  7. err thanks Quiz Goer... I assume anonymous means my "friend" will get away with printing what he or she wants. It's OK as in the words of Voltaire,
    I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.
    I am more annoyed I didn't reply to the half wit comment to be honest, I must be slacking.
    Anyway thanks for the free publicity xxx

  8. How crappy they cancelled it. Those quiz nights were so much fun! And what better way for a bar to make money than to make you feel stupid (so then, of course, you have to drown your sorrows!).


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