The bars of Oman: Bellapais

Another instalment for the bars of Oman, a sneaky one before Ramadan is called, and then I won't be writing about The Bars of Oman again until after Eid. Or maybe I will... we shall see.

Here is the next bar review: Bellapais

Bellpais is a Greek restaurant located in Mawehleh (well what I'd call Mawehleh or Airport Heights, but the owners think it's in Rusayl), very close to the clock-tower roundabout near the airport. The main level is a restaurant featuring nothing particularly spectacular except a statue of a man who's wearing a pink table-cloth. I attended with co-researcher @jblakemaniel and we had a pasta dish and some Pad Thai, neither were particularly memorable, but not bad either. We also each had a can of Carlsberg, and the bill came to less than 9 rials.

Above the restaurant is a mezzanine floor with a rather "interesting" little bar frequented by people who I suspect drive white and orange cars for a living. Beers were RO 1.500 for a can of Carlsburg. I did not see any horizontal refreshment providers when I was there either.

If you live at this end of town, and fancy an alcoholic beverage with your dinner, it's certainly worth at least a look in, perhaps the Greek food is better than the food we had... but we were really there for another purpose ;)

Here is a map showing where Bellapais is. Here is a link to their Facebook page. Their phone number is 2452 1100

le fin.
The bars of Oman: Bellapais The bars of Oman: Bellapais Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. horizontal refreshment providers. Very funny. Don't forget to review the Sun Set bar in Ghubra! My all time favorite dive bar.

  2. Where is the sunset bar in Ghubra? I thought having been in Oman for 6 years now I had discovered all the dives!!

  3. I think its in the bowsher international hotel!

  4. Bellapais has some very good Thai dishes - I understand there is a resident Thai cook... the papia salad is excellent. As in the Tom Yum seafood....

    House red wine 1/2 caria 3omr and not a bad drop!

    I rate Ballapais Thai up above all the other east Asian restaurants with Indian / philopeano cooks trying to whip up Thai food...

  5. Good to know- I love Thai food.

    And Sythe- what were you doing bringing Joe with you to pick up your wife from the airport?!

  6. Blimey, is that place still going?

    Enjoying this series of posts about bars of Oman; it's bringing back memories of a former life. Left in 2002 after 17 years.

    Any of your readers remember when The Airport Restaurant was the place to go? An ideal night out before boarding the red-eye back to the UK.

    Oh, how we suffered.



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