Oman 1 - Lebanon 1, and trucks

Well Oman managed to draw against Lebanon last night in their friendly. Considering that Oman are 92 in the world rankings, and Lebanon are currently 129 in the world rankings, I wonder if the Oman team were perhaps a little disappointed with the result.

On Friday morning I went for a walk before it got too hot and came across a couple of trucks parked in a wadi and smiled and thought to myself that only in a place like this would someone leave a fuel (petrol) tanker unattended overnight. Could you imagine that in countries where petrol is so much more expensive? It'd have been tapped for sure! I apologize for the pictures, I'm not having any luck with getting them orientated the right way today.

I was not really surprised, but still fairly shocked to see the state of the tires of both the trailer and the truck that was pulling the gas tanker.

This was the front tire for the truck pulling the trailer


Al Maha - do a better job

The offending truck!
So in this recent push by the ROP to curb traffic accidents, one would hope that national companies as large as Al Maha would be doing their corporate diligence bit to ensure that their own trucks are not driving on dangerously worn tires and contributing to the many-hundreds of tire-blow-outs every month here. Especially now the hot months have arrived, and blow-outs happen even more frequently. Now it's a bit unfair to single out Al Maha for this, because I've seen bald tires on so many trucks and pick-ups it really does make me shudder. Next time you are at a red light with a truck nearby... just take a look at the quality of the tread on the tires - I'm sure more often that not the tires are not fit for purpose.

Just another day on the roads here hey.

le fin.

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Anonymous said...

Wow those truck tires are in awful shape! Are there really no standards for truck safety in Oman?

Who is supposed to be accountable for this? The driver? The truck owner? The ROP? What about the insurance companies?

You have to wonder if the companies having their goods hauled on such dodgy tires know about this!

ynotoman said...

This may be an old wives tale – but sounds plausible given how many truck shed their tyres on the road…
There is an inspection annually for trucks (of a certain age). The inspection includes tyres. The truck drivers (who need to save cash) get near new tyres fitted for the inspection and then after the all clear put back their bald old favourites!
What do you think? true or false?

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