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In another one of my on-going series of posts, MM guide to Oman, here's one that I hope may be of some use to you: AC servicing here in the capital (sorry everyone in the rest of Oman). One of my favorite Oman-based bloggers (now sadly retired because of all the hate-filled comments people would leave her) Angry in Oman wrote this entertaining review about an AC service technician called Alex Joseph.

Well this morning I woke up to discover that my AC in the bedroom had decided to stop blowing cold air, and as if by magic when I went for a walk at 5am this morning I found the above sticker very close to my house!

I figured it must be a sign, and so I rang up Alex this morning and arranged him to visit the house around 11:00 am this morning. Mrs Sythe was a bit dubious about having a service technician come to the house without me around but she rang me afterwards and said he arrived right on time, without having to be guided to the house, we just gave the way number and the villa number and he arrived on time. With his own tools and step-ladder, which was pretty handy. He even commented upon our Clowder (thanks to Erin for teaching me that word - it means group of cats, we have 3) and said hello to one of the more inquisitive cats.

He quickly identified that the problem was with the roof top compressor unit and not the blower in the bedroom, so up to the roof he went, and 10 minutes later he was all done after having replaced a capacitor. He charged Mrs Sythe RO 10 for the visit and the replaced part and was on his way.

I rang him to thank him for doing such a good job, and so quickly, and asked him where his servicing areas were. He told me he works from Ruwi to Maweleh and everywhere in between - handy. So, if your AC has busted and your sweating because it's the summer - you could try this guy, he's pretty good.

le fin.
AC service in Muscat AC service in Muscat Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 Rating: 5


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Good to know thanks

Anonymous said...

Good one Mr S.


Anonymous said...

Good one Mr S.


hnd said...

We've also used Alex Joseph having read Angry in Oman's blog post. Turned up on time, own ladders, pressure washer etc and did a brilliant job for a very reasonable price.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Angry in Oman has to come back and stay, forget the harassers.

We love her.

I thought recently since her move she hadn't found anything to angry about and that's why her blog had stopped showing on my widget.

Come back Angry!

Also, I miss Suburban. But understand that one.

Jose Justin said...

I tried another party (94192137 -SBT LLC) they are also brilliant. Turned up on time with all required tools.The good thing is they provided me standby unit free of cost when my AC compressor got breakdown.

Priya Raj said...

We get our building Ac serviced semi-annually by Grace Wood Trading (Contact 92670150) who are prompt and our good in their job.

Cooperfreer said...

Fabulous! Some awesome stuff you have public here. I have to confess your big effort. Keep posting more blog posts like this

Melinda Blake said...

AC's can be really expensive when they shut down!!! Good info, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Not happy.. tried his service.. maybe he is good with people from the West..

Saravanan said...

Responding very poorly. Not suggested

Jason Young said...

Alex Joseph fixed three aircons in the apartment building where I live, two central aircons (sitting room and corridor) and one split unit (bedroom).He identified the problems instantly and completely resolved all the previous issues. A very professional guy, along with his team, and a genuinely polite person.

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