Muscat Arabian Foxes hockey club

I recently learned of a new hockey (field hockey) team based here in Muscat called the Arabian Foxes (or just Foxes as they seem to go by). They were only founded in October 2011 and offer hockey to expats, (and locals) who due to league rules are excluded from Omani League hockey. They also give free training for under 18s down at BSM.

Their team comprises of both male and female hockey players of all ages, abilities and nationalities, from ex-national league, to youngsters and beginners learning the game. They play a good social standard of hockey all year round, against local Omani clubs, expat clubs, teams from visiting ships, and in tournaments in the Middle East.

They play every Tuesday from 7pm-9pm on the floodlit Astroturf pitch at the British School Muscat.

Speaking of tournaments, the Foxes are headed to Dubai this coming weekend for their first tournament at the Dubai Hockey Club 6's - so good luck guys and girls, I hope you do well.

More soon.

le fin.
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YuriTheDutch said...

Hey Sythe,

Nice article about our Hockey club.
We also have matches against local hockey clubs.
Last time was against Sidab, we really enjoyed it. We will have more matches in the future for sure.

Arun said...

hey does anyone know what those 1111 ads in the papers are?

Skankmastertom said...

Always good to see there are more sports clubs for both locals and expats out there apart from football! Info on anything like this is normally hard to find online or on shop noticeboards.
Many thks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the press Sythe the club is really beginning to tick. Good luck in Dubai lads (and lady)

Anonymous said...

Do Oman proud.

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