April Fools!

Well, some of you may have read my post earlier today regarding a rapid bus lane planned for Muscat.

It is, of course, an April Fools joke. The especially observant ones of you may have clocked that the ONTC spokesperson, Faisal Dropoly, is actually an anagram of April Fools Day!

Even though a dedicated HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lane would be a pretty sweet development for the city's growing traffic problems, there are currently no plans that I'm aware of for anything of the sort.

ONTC really are on a 5 year plan, and their website is being totally overhauled and will be launching in 8 days.

Have a nice evening everyone!

More tomorrow!

le fin.
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Susan said...

Haha! I almost re-blogged it :)

Sythe said...

damn it!

Andrew Brown said...

You fooled me as well! I should know by now to question anything I hear or read on April Fool's Day, haha! Good one!

Anonymous said...

You are a twat and I claim my 10 dollars.

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