Beavers and Cubs for kids at school

For those of you with boys here between 6 and 10.5 years old, you may be interested in having them join the Beavers or the Cubs as part of an after-school activity. Girls can join if they really want to as well.

Beavers is for boys aged 6 - 8 years and Cubs is for boys aged 8 - to 10 and a half. They meet on Saturdays during term time at the ABA in Al Khuwair. Beavers is one hour long and Cubs is an hour and a half long (beavers starts at 3.45 and Cubs at 5pm).

They do all sorts of stuff; they work on badges of all types for example this term at Cubs they did The Scientist Badge, The Astonomy Badge and the Personal Safety Badge - next term they are doing Map Reading and Community Challenge Badges.

The cost for Cubs is 15 RO per term and Beavers is 12 RO per term, and I think thats a pretty good price. If anyone is interested they can e:mail

Should your children be older, there is of course also an active troop of Scouts and Explorers now functioning here in Muscat as part of the same Scouts troop - Scouts are for kids aged 10 to 14 years
and Explorers for kids aged 14 to 18 year.

More soon.

le fin.

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