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Yesterday, I learned about a new website here in Muscat - a bit behind the curve it seems as their facebook group is already very popular, with 1841 likers at the time of writing - good for them.

Here's the blurb from their website:

From shopping to brunches, spa's to adventure sports we are looking to bring the best and the coolest deals in town for all you Muscaters! Each deal is featured on for a limited period of time. Every time we have a new discount or deal, email alerts & viral messages are sent to all our subscribers so they do not miss any deal. These deals can be purchased online only on & can be enjoyed alone, with family or with a bunch of friends.

To share a deal, all one needs to do is refer it to friend, once the referred friend has purchased the deal within 24hrs, your account will be credited with OMR1. This credit can be used to purchase your next deal

So, not only can you make some decent savings (and pay by major CC's too) on various activities and products around town, you can also get credit for referring people too, which you can set against your next purchase - nice.

As it happens, Alatool are currently running a 2 free drinks and RO 4.000 off the standard RO 20.000 cover charge to Zouk for next Wednesday's Bollywood DJ Suketu party (11th April) - the deal expires later today, so early birds only!

I'm blogging about this because I actually think this is a great initiative, and I plan to write a more in depth blog about other online sales vendors (markavip and any others I can find too) - but thats for another day.

Also - a little bit of fun, here's a facebook group called Muscat Tips, which I think is pretty funny. There's currently 22 tips, and they're all funny. Here's the first tip to whet your appetite.

Enjoy the weekend.

le fin.
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  1. Never a good idea to sit in the front seat of the cab???
    That's where you're guaranteed to get a seat belt, unlike the back seats

  2. this alatool is a cool site I met the guys who run it bunch of new kids on the block.. but good job ... they even have a customer service chat on their website! which even some of the best brands in Oman may not have ! most of the deals are I guess sold out (good savings) .. wish them all the best ..(only payment gateway is toooooo slow .. again it is a Mastercard issues ..they have put up the gateway for Oman)

  3. Oh God, Muscat Tibs is brilliant. Thanks for pointing it out!

  4. i have purchased a couple of deals (manicure & pedicure and the kickboxing deal) form using my credit card worked fine for me & their customer service is fantastic. Very professional and very active on facebook & twitter, the best way i could get in touch with them.

    Keep it up guys!

  5. Suburban: Please move back to Oman!!! I miss your blog tooooooooo much.

    I second the first Muscat tip. Better no seatbelt than being molested. USUALLY a tip for the ladies, but then, I've heard a tale of some guys getting a rainbow of an experience as well.

  6. please, guys are equally if not more at risk round here!

  7. what if u got in the cab when it originally had 2 people behind n both of them get out before your destination arrives n no one gets in[unlikely] n u still got way more distance to u jump to the back seat then?


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