Sohar Music Festival

Starting this weekend, and running for the next 3 weekends, there is the Sohar Music Festival.

International Jazz Gala Dinner
Featuring live performances by international artists:
Saskia Laroo, The Stirrrs and Yehya Khalil
Venue: Crowne Plaza Sohar
Date: Wednesday March 21st, 2012
For tickets and further details click here
For special rates book your stay and entry to the event with:
Phone: 2685 0777 / 2685 0716 or email:
Phone: 2684 1111 or email:
Phone: 26843501 or email:

So if you are up that end of the Batinah coast, it might be worth a look in over the next 3 weekends.

Also, it looks like Putin has won the election to become President once again. He was president from 2000 - 2008, and now in 2012, he looks set for another 4/8 years in office. Cough-rigged-cough.

Anyway, I thought this 13 second clip would bring a smile to some of you:

le fin.
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BigManInOman said...

I think it is a great initiative and I suspect that people of Sohar appreciate a little bit of the limelight for a change.
It is a pity though, that seeing as they have the artists here, that they don't do the following weekend in the Qurm amphitheatre and another weekend in Naseeb Park and even Sur or Salalah.
Looking at the line-up many of the artists would be worth seeing in the park with a picnic during the day or in the evening with some world food stands instead of the usual shawarma stands.
That said, I would love to see Manu Chao supported by Gogol Bordello in Qurm Park with a full circus, fire-eaters, jugglers etc

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