Russell Peters in Muscat

Well the news broke yesterday that Alive Events and Hi FM are bringing Russell Peters to Muscat on Saturday March 17th and people are pretty pumped about it. Saturday, March 17th is not only St Patricks Day, it's also Super Saturday with the final 3 matches in the Six Nations rugby tournament - the last 3 games are played back to back.

Here is what I know about the gig so far:

It's going to be held at the Qurum Amphitheater (near to Mumtaz Mahal) at 8:00 PM and tickets will be going on sale on Saturday 10th at 4:00 PM from the Bose store in Qurum City Centre with a maximum number of 6 tickets available per customer. A second ticket sales location has been announced: The Atrium at the Muscat Grand Mall at 4:00 PM on Saturday. There will be 4 types of tickets: RO 25, 35, 45 & 55 and 85 - I may be slightly wrong on the prices but I guess we'll see soon as announced this morning.

Russell Peters is from Brampton which is just North West of Toronto. He's a big time comedian who's currently on world tour. He has 4 shows in the UAE, 2 each in Abu Dhabi & Dubai and they are all sold out. The first show in Dubai sold out so fast they decided to do a second show with 2000 seats and that sold out in just 8 minutes. Thats pretty good! Now here is the best bit: The UAE shows run from March 19th/20th (Dubai) & 22nd/23rd (Abu Dhabi), which means Oman get to see Russell Peters before the people in the UAE!

I'll update this when I get more news.

le fin.
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  1. I heard from a supposedly "inside source" that the tickets are going to be of OR 25, OR 35, OR 45 and OR 55...but i guess we all just gotta wait till Saturday (when they go one sale) to know for sure!!

    Its awesome tht Russell Peters is coming to Oman finally!!! ENJOY people!! n DONT miss it!


  2. Im amazed how crazy ppl are about Russell Peters (Including me :D), Its phenomenal under 30 mins they sold 4000 tickets in UAE!

    I do not know how its going to be in Muscat with close to 2500+ seats available at the Amphitheatre.

    Secondly.. i guess ROP will need to bring in extra forces on Sat evening at QCC :P

  3. Thank you Hifm! This is so great.

  4. I heard there will be just two types, RO25 and RO55.

  5. I paid for two of those RO55 seats, and I'll be honest: I was terribly disappointed. He had not done his homework and was terribly unprepared. He was culturally inappropriate, and spent far too much time insulting audience members who were unfortunate enough to be seated close to the stage where he could see them. Large parts of the act were spent walking around silently on the stage while he figured out what to say next to fill the allotted time. There was no message, no story except cheap, unconnected "jokes", until audience members finally got him at the end to do one of his classic routines, which he could not remember for quite a while. He did the routine and escaped. His "microphone-as-male-organ" jokes were, simply, cheap. He insulted his audience by being arrogantly unprepared and uninformed. I was a fan, but am no longer. Good luck with this waste of money, Dubai.

  6. Yes, I was very dissapointed and upset also, seeing him in Oman. I went expecting to enjoy the usual inane, cultural observations made famous on You Tube, but what was given was cringeworthy at the very least and highly offensive at best.

    Repeated and graphic references to masturbation, vaginal oral sex etc etc. etc. were crude and completely unfunny. As was the 'scripture joke' and the reference to 'sorry for cumming over Jesus'? Fortunately, I suspect that, that particular reference bounced over the Omani audience, but still, as this was happening in Muslim Muscat, it was not appropriate.

    I am no prude by any means and certainly know what language to expect from Russell Peters. But how on earth the promoters felt it was okay for him to speak this filth here in Oman, in front of young and old, is beyond belief.

    Either they are naive, or with such big bucks at stake, maybe they couldn't care less


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