RIP Whitney & Sailing Arabia the tour

Well, driving to work this morning I was flicking radio stations and landed on Merge 104.8 and heard Chris Fisher saying he saw Sky News and just learned that Whitney Houston died in her room at the Beverly Hilton hotel. No word yet on how she died, but does it really matter - she's dead. RIP.

Moving on, and back to a somewhat local news interest - the Burj Khalifa last night was rumored to be on fire, but it was just surrounded in mist instead, and definitely not on fire. The story appeared to break on Twitter and spread very quickly.... but fortunately it was not true.

Now, the Sailing Arabia The Tour (SATT for short, heh) was due to start today in Bahrain, but the start has been delayed by 24 hours and so will start tomorrow (13th). There are 9 teams participating in the tour, 4 from Oman, and one from each of these countries: France, KSA, UAE, Bahrain and Qatar. The tour is due to have 3 stops in Oman, Musandam, Mussanah and Muscat (well, The Wave), with the race due to finish on February 29th (I just realized we must be in a leap year), or perhaps due to the 24 hour start delay it will culminate on Thursday the 1st of March instead. Anyway - good luck to the Oman teams participating!

And finally, a black Labrador was found in PDO camp yesterday - very clean and not hungry at all - here's a picture, if you recognize the dog please get in touch with the person on the phone number listed.

More soon!

le fin.

RIP Whitney & Sailing Arabia the tour RIP Whitney & Sailing Arabia the tour Reviewed by Sythe on Sunday, February 12, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. So you surf your radio stations too?
    Hi-FM (play a long string of adverts)
    Change to Merge then Merge play some C--P Music and
    back to Hi FM....
    That Radio land in Muscat!

  2. Satt delayed due to high winds, sorry but is that not what sailing is about, or is the real reason the committee boat broke down outside Bharain and they could not fix it, And finally I shall be shouting for Team UAE a late entry and a novice no pro crew unlike some of the other premo's

  3. You mean Oman Sail lied about something Sayits not true.!


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