Busy month

It's been a busy time for me lately, and so this little hobby of mine has had to take a back seat for a while. Trying to post a blog every work-day was fast becoming a chore instead of a pleasure, and so I've take a week out from it, and who knows, perhaps I'll take more time out too.

Tonight see's the second round of the 6 Nations rugby tournament, with England playing Italy at 8pm local time tonight, and then the French take on Ireland at midnight. Both games are supposed to be on Al Jazeera Sports +3, but who knows if they actually will be on. Last Sunday's match between Ireland and Wales was binned in favour of showing a football match that they were showing on another channel already. Morons. To add insult to injury, the football match shown was a goalless draw!

Well, Jazeera Sports permitting, the Muscat Rugby Club's adopted bar, Habana at the Grand Hyatt (its the bar underneath Safari Bar) will be showing all of the games live on a lot of large flat screen TV's dotted around the bar - they even have a tv built into the beer pumps at the bar so when ordering a drink you don't miss anything!

For those of you that are interested, there is the imaginatively named Carlsberger deal - a pint of Carlsberg and a burger for RO 5.5

Staying with sport for a while longer, Oman National Football team has 4 home games this month:

Oman vs Wigan Athletic - 17 Feb - HOME - (Friendly)
Oman vs S. Korea - 22 Feb - HOME - (Qualifier)
Oman vs India - 23 Feb - HOME - (Friendly)
Oman vs Thailand - 29 Feb - HOME - (Qualifier)

So if you like football, you'll have something to watch live here! There is an active facebook page for the team, with lots of special prizes on offer - so go check it out. Most games are free for standard entry and VIP tickets can be purchased for RO 50.

More sometime soon, I recently went to the Millennium resort up in Mussanah, and was very pleasantly surprised.... I'll write about it soon!

le fin.
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  1. I have to confess to making the irate phone call to Qatar last weekend reference the lack of Ireland v Wales game, despite the fact that it was advertised....

    I was told that they weren't showing it due to the "weather", and the "poor signal", but that they would show it "tomorrow night", but that I should remember that this "would not be live".
    I won't point out the several obvious flaws in the information given to me by the Al-Jazeera customer service representative, and instead would like to comment on how helpful and polite he was....

    I managed to find it on the internet - and interestingly, there was nothing wrong with the signal......Glad I did, as it was an excellent game!! MUCH better than the 0-0 football match!!


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