Oman cuts tourist visa fees by 75%

Well this has been talked about for months, but finally the tourist visa fees have been amended.

There are three types of tourist visa now -

24 hour Cruise - free
10 day tourist - RO 5
30 day tourist - unchanged at RO 20

Which I think is something that will genuinely help promote tourism for people. For example, if I was flying to Thailand from Europe (Oman Air flies to... UK, France & Germany (and probably others, I dont know) a very affordable (right now) way to get there is to fly with Oman Air via Muscat. With the fee now only being RO 5, suddenly Muscat becomes a lot more attractive for a day or two stop-over on the way to or from a far eastern vacation - as an example.

There's a big difference between $52 and $13!

More soon.

le fin.
Oman cuts tourist visa fees by 75% Oman cuts tourist visa fees by 75% Reviewed by Sythe on Thursday, February 23, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. That's great but they could've reduced the 30 day visa to 15rials...

  2. Great news, but they're still hitting the '2 week' tourists, they should have made it 5 OMR for 15 days.

  3. Yeah, 30 days traveller deserves attention too !

  4. Great news! Someone told me the change was initiated by cruise operators. It seems that 24h cruise passengers were being charged the full OMR20 to come ashore for a few hours. The government have realised that Omani tradesmen (particularly Muttrah Souk I would have thought) were losing potential income as tourists were simply staying on the boat having been put off by the massive visa fee.

  5. I agree the 30 days visa should have been reduced, after all, the tourists are here for those 30days spending money here...


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