Muscat Grand Mall to open in March

Well, the marketing people at the Muscat Grand Mall have once again set a new date for opening their shiny new mall. This time the date is Thursday March 1st. One imagines that this time the mall will actually open, just not with all the stores open.

I do, however, take pleasure in sharing this photo:

Very exciting indeed if you happen to be a fan. Personally I love their coffee, and brew my own Timmies every day in my office with imported coffee from Canada - the donuts I don't miss (even though they are super tasty). I have no idea when they are planing to open the branch, but it is definitely "in the works". Repeated (read: daily) calls to a Ms Amjaad at Apparel Group (supposedly head of marketing for the Tim Hortons Brand at AG) have gone unanswered (I've been trying to contact her for nearly 3 weeks) so there's no other information I can share at this time, except that Apparel Group's marketing team are very slow to respond.

So anyway - This Thursday, March 1st, should see the MGM open finally. I presume that Carrefour will be open, along with a bunch of stores. I wrote a blog on a complete store listing (at the time) last year in August, and you can read it here. I imagine the store listing has changed a bit since then, but it's probably more or less still correct.

Also, touching upon a previous blog post I wrote in November last year, the book Storm Front has now been released in paperback and is available for purchase (it's actually in stock!) at the Family Book Shop in MQ - Tel: 2460 0084 for the princely sum of RO 4.000. It's a great read and really interesting insight into Oman in the 60's and 70's, and I highly recommend everyone to read it - especially the bit in the start of the book about the accession to the throne for His Majesty. Interesting to see how this account differs wildly from the previous accounts - I'll not go into it any further here so I don't spoil it for you all.

Dont forget to try your luck in my free ticket giveaway to see Snow Patrol on Sunday March 11th!

le fin.
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  1. Actually, two of the shops had their soft launch last week in there which are costa coffee and subway!!

  2. Someone - yup I had heard that but was not sure! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. MGM (needs a Lion here I guess) have been no different from many other Malls in their opening failures , but they have done a nifty job of capturing the roundabout from LuLu. Al Fair should be close to closure in MQ this time next year.

  4. Ynotoman.

    I doubt Al Fair will close in MQ. The building is owned by them, and they still do a good trade as a neighbourhood supermarket for people living in MQ, of which the number is considerable. Carrefour Qurum didn't kill Al Fair, and neither will Carrefour Ghubra. Location, location, location.

  5. possibly - but they closed Al fair in Qurm and I wonder how long they can keep both Sarooj & MQ open with dwindling numbers

  6. whoops - forgot Al Fair also closed in Zakher

  7. Zakher mall al fair closed eon's ago!! They opened in The Wave and Azaiba, which is coupled with their Al Bhaja location - they're doing fine.

  8. The longer MGM takes to open the better- that roundabout is already a clusterfuck with only the Lulu traffic having to go south to go north. Whoever is in charge of road planing in this city must be very rich because he is living on baksheesh not intelligence!

  9. Whatevs.... the roundabout has gone and there's a brand new traffic light controlled crossroads there. And its been dualized.

  10. No, I mean the Ghubrah roundabout now has to cope with all the additional traffic coming out of Lulu as you cant turn left anymore. It is often backed all the way up to the new lights at off-peak times.

  11. I really like that book:)

    And "In the Service of the Sultan"

    There was another book I really liked in the PDO library that I doubt they'd sell in the MQ bookshop on the same subject but I can't for the life of me remember what it's called.

    And oh this mall will be amazing for all Canadians. A Tim Hortons AND an iceskating rink big enough for a hockey team;)

  12. They closed Al Fair in Qurum?? Hmmm strange I go there every week it's definitely open in Qurum Complex!!!


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