ROP gets some new patrol cars

Just a little candid snap passed on to me by a friend recently (ok, back in October last year), it seems that the ROP have decided that their cop cars need a little more speed to do their job more effectively. I dont know who originally took the picture, it turned up on facebook apparently, but if it was you that snapped the picture... thanks :)

I could launch into some vitriol about speeding and such but that's too much effort, seeing as I did that yesterday. On a positive note though, the cars look pretty awesome. I wonder if they'll be getting more?

More soon!

le fin.
ROP gets some new patrol cars ROP gets some new patrol cars Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, January 03, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Its not a big deal, these are the new Dodge Chargers, not Ferraris or even Challengers.
    No need to blow it out of proportions (in case someone is going to).

  2. The new cars will keep Mr Zubair happy if nothin else...

  3. As if new cars will make a difference.

  4. I just hope that these new cars will enable these cops to respond promptly on any accident that may happen.

  5. Looks awesome!! Here we mainly use the BMW 3 series for City Patrol service, and the new BMW 5 series F11 as well as the BMW X3 for highway patrol. It's design looks nice, but it looks like there are no reflective stripes?! Really miss that, is a very good passive safety factor. thanks, @James


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