The Wave's new Golf Course: Al Mouj Golf

Well, as local blogger Andy in Oman already posted his pictures from his visit to the links style PGA championship Al Mouj Golf course earlier this week, I thought I'd add a few more pictures to the mix, and share some more information about the golf course with you all. The pictures are not mine....

The first 9 holes are now open for business, with the following 9 holes anticipated to be completed by "Q2 2012" - but no exact date yet (one could say that this was "par for the course", heh). The 9 holes that are open currently are Par 37, with a length of 3,695 yards. The full 18 hole golf course is 7,342 yards, Par 72. There is also an open and functioning clubhouse with a bar and restaurant (not yet licensed - but operated by Oman Air in the interim) at the venue.

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In the image above, you will see the membership price list for various types of members. The standard price is RO 1,750 for an individual golfer, but if you live at The Wave, or own there, the price is RO 1,575. Now this is for serious golfers only, as its obviously a significant sum - there is also a joining fee of RO 600, which is waived for the first 100 applicants this month only. I understand that a large majority of the 100 free waivers have already been granted, meaning that if your serious about your golf, and interested in joining Al Mouj golf club, you better get your skates on if you want to avoid the RO 600 joining fee.

If, like me, golf is more about the beer cart and corporate golf days, you can just pay green fees of RO 37 (or RO 34 for Wave residents) on the weekends, or RO 31 (or RO 28) in the week. The cost includes rental of the golf buggy. Clubs and shoes are available to rent, as well as purchase from the Pro Shop as well.

Access to just the driving range is just RO 2.500 with a bucket of 50 balls, which I think is pretty good value, and the course & range are open until 10pm with flood lights.

More soon!

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  1. Brilliant- those images say a lot about the state of Oman to the outside world that is worried about stalled projects, Arab springs and the rest. At the same time it puts Oman firmly on the sports tourism map, even more so when Ghala Wentworth is fully green and open too and we have a trifecta of courses.

  2. I can't help but juxtapose that image with the signs on main roads this summer "take it easy on the water".

    I'm not convinced this is either a good use of (expensively created) land or scarce water, or that it's economically viable. But then I don't play golf; maybe if I did I'd be doing a little dance.

    Good luck.

  3. just tell us how many liters/gallons of water
    will be spend every day to water the greenery?

  4. They have their own desalination plants, so who cares how much water they use?

  5. An area of increasing water shortage with desalination causing problems in the sea. I would have love to have seen a trifecta of golf courses if they had shown some imagination and created unique desert locations.

  6. And the hotel.....

  7. I don't know anything about the effects of the water useage on the evironment for this project but it DOES look lovely. Much nicer than the PDO golf course;) though I think the PDO driving range is alot more affordable. Or was. Been forever since I was there.

  8. Anonymous - they may have their own desalination plant, but that still uses gas (lots of it) to produce the water and Oman just does not really have that much gas.

  9. I agree about the waste of water. Golf has been pacified and coddled by the rich and aspirational who play it and those who cater to them. It's only an acceptable sport if it's played on a course that reflects the local climate and geography and doesn't use land that could be farmed. My father loved to play golf, but how can courses be justified here or in so many other arid or developing, crowded places around the world?

  10. Well thanks for everyone's comments. It seems some people are concerned about the usage of water on the course... well this is the cost of doing business in the lucrative golf tourism business in this part of the world. I think the course looks great, and is a feather in the cap for Muscat's growing tourism market.

    Like it or not, others in the GCC are cashing in on this tourism sector so why not Muscat?!

  11. It's not what I meant, it's what IDecember 10, 2011 at 3:32 PM

    Once the oil runs out (not far off) there is fuck all else to support Muscat so tourism it is!
    I wonder how many of the anonymii complaining about desal water drive 5.8 liter Hemi V8s!!

  12. The Wave does not have its own desalination plants.

    This golf course supposedly uses treated sewage water from Haya while the rest of the Wave project uses the standard government desalinated water supply.

  13. On a lighter note, I have been to this course during my visit to my cousin. It is indeed a beautiful sight. It's as epic as our home court in Mill Pond golf course.

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