The Slider Station.

Good morning everyone.

While I was away on my super-fantastic month long vacation (I had never done that before, and I can highly recommend it to everyone!) a new burger joint opened: The Slider Station opened on Friday 25th at 7 p.m. at Oasis by the Sea, Shatti Al Qurum.

Early reports from friends that have been is that it's good. I found an amusing blog post from a brand new local blogger, Shaykh G who apparently slayed the beast (image below, it appears to be a RO 10.000 monster-burger).

The Mighty Beast, perfect for elevenses
It certainly looks like a work out! Prices range from about RO 3.750 to RO 6.000, with the exception of the monster above, which is RO 10.000.

They have a facebook group here, and a website here (which at the time of writing seemed to be fairly incomplete - no menu or information).

Have you been? What do you think?

More soon.

le fin.
The Slider Station. The Slider Station. Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, December 05, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. It is a well designed restaurant with a good menu, however, as usual, it has been let down by local staff who don't know the meaning of timely customer service.

    Usually, when I see Omani waiters standing in restaurants, I don't go in anymore. It is not worth the hassle.

    And any comments of "stay away from Oman then" or "we don't want you here anyway" are just further testament and proof to the fact that the majority of you haven't a clue.

  2. I have to agree with you! My first peek into a new restaurant is to find out what waiters are working there.
    I sew locals! I don't go! I see Indians! Ok! I see Asians! YES, I'll be running in there.
    Asians are just made for the service and hospitality industry - they know how to treat customers in a friendly but not too agressive way.
    Locals on the other hand really show you that you're not welcome, show no interest in making your stay remarkable in any way and sometimes also lack the basics as in from which side to approach a guest or how to serve plates correctly.

    Yes, that is only my personal opinion and I'm more than willing that somebody proofs me wrong.

  3. Pete, has it occurred to you that you get different types of people in every race? To think that ALL locals are the same, and that ALL Asians provide great customer service is the very definition of racism.

    Most people in customer service mirror the attitude their customers show them. If you are friendly and polite, they usually will be too. I would suggest that your attitude to locals defines the kind of service you get from them... and it's the kind of service that you deserve.

  4. what the crap is up with the first two posters?? Ok i am often put off by locals in terms of customer service but it is based more on their management. Compare the terrible, unmotivated employees at lulu vs a waiter or even bus boy at the shangri la morons!
    the second poster probably likes asians because they are made to be subservient to the white devil.

  5. I have tried the Delta Force, fries with crispy chicken jalepona and full of mayonese and ketchup.
    I couldnt even eat an i`ve asked them the reason of using that much mayonese in the fries?
    I couldnt get any reply.The menu was like that.I asked for a customer comment form, they said they do not have.Even they did not do anything when i express myself that i can not eat this dish.So unproffessional.I will never ever go there again as they welcome you well but they do not care if you are satisfied with the meal or not.

  6. Totally agree with Pete. Local waiters don't treat expats well, especially the darker expats, no matter how polite you are. Its the waiters who I feel are racist and not the people writing their opinion here.

    Omanis get upset too easily when something is said about them instead of trying to rectify their mistakes. Around 10% of Omanis are actually working hard and trying to make a change and the remaining 90% are killing the good experience of living in Oman that one used to enjoy until a few years back. Arrogance, greed and aggressive behaviour is the new trend in Oman.

  7. Those who think local waiters are not up to the standard should stay at home and cook because I have some news for u, most waiters in restaurants r local. Instead of crtisising local waiters rudly, go and speak to the owners coz perhaps waiters were not trained properly. Second u guys r making so obvious that u r races toward local when u think that all local waiters don't treat expats nicely.
    U should rethink of what u r saying coz this can be a crime

  8. Well nothing as changed since Dec last year. The service is the worst I experienced! What is with the customer service in Oman. So sad for such a beautiful country who thrives on their tourism industry.

  9. With all due respect,I'm a service staff in a restaurant here in oman,I am asian and I experienced working with different nationalities. Frankly speaking,there is a big gap if you will compare how locals work and how expats work in a restaurant.First,education or knowledge in hospitality industry has a big difference.Local people don't have the knowledge that expats have on handling customers even the knowledge on what kind of environment they're working in.Second,they are lazy.very rare you will see locals who have good attendance at work.Third,their communication skills.Most of the time they cannot express the things they want to say.Fourth,they always want to do things on how they want it to be,they don't follow restaurants policies.No offense but that's the reality,don't take my comment as negative instead be open minded that it is very important to be hospitable in this kind of industry that's why it's called "hospitality industry",beside, without these customers restaurant will have a run and that is "zero business". On the other hand with regards to the customers,as they say, "A person who is nice to you but rude to a waiter is not a nice person."


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