It's official: Private Sector work week now 5 days, EID holidays announced

Well it's been quite the morning so far.

The Public Sector has had significant amendments to the labour laws, here's my sumary:

1. Workers now get 30 days leave a year (it used to be 15 for the first year, and then 30)
2. Workers get 6 days emergency leave.
3. The working day is to be 9 hours a day, 45 hours a week. People can work up to 12 hours per day if they choose to, but for over-time to be paid it is base rate + 25%.
4. Women get 50 days maternity leave for up to 3 children during service, which can be taken before and after birth - 50 days max in total. No Maternity leave for men is mentioned.

Thats better than it was, so it's good to see strong development in the labour laws here, I'm sure there are a lot of happy campers out there today. And grumpy Contractors.

Now, Eid has been announced as Sunday 6th November, and holidays are as follows:

Government Sector: Saturday 5th - Wednesday 9th, returning to work on the 12th November
Private Sector: Saturday 5th - Tuesday 8th, returning to work on the 9th November

Now, there is also a rain cloud coming to Muscat, via Masirah (which is where it's at right now). Nothing to get excited about, its just going to rain and thunder a fair bit over the next few days.

Special thanks to @BaderHinai
Snake Gorge should be nice and full of water for the Eid holidays then. Result.

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One last question - does anyone know why Costa Coffee in MQ stinks like shit? It's really gross in there.

le fin.
It's official: Private Sector work week now 5 days, EID holidays announced It's official: Private Sector work week now 5 days, EID holidays announced Reviewed by Sythe on Sunday, October 30, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Not sure about Costa Coffee but do you know when the camel racing starts? where it is held? any details at all? I have been trying to find out through various channels and can find nothing!

  2. What a bunch of crock.

    They're really going to make us come back for one day?

    If only people knew what a union was.

  3. weve got a tour down in Duqm and its got very heavy rain there this morning

  4. thanks for the information

  5. hmmm!! hope there will soon be some kind of 'Equal holiday laws' for both public n pvt. sectors :) thx Sythe...cant wait to smell that first rains...

  6. Costa at MQ has always smelt rank! Puts me right off me iced latte.....

  7. A whole week off for Eid?! Forget filling in holiday leave forms, why not just get employees to just state when they will actually be IN work?!

  8. I cant wait to see how many people actually come to work on Wednesday. All this means is one less vacation day.

  9. That last bit is too funny.... my friends have been asking me if it was me who posted that comment, because that's what I ALWAYS say about Costa MQ!! (ps... do you think anyone has ever told them?)

  10. We got battered flying into MCT this evening. Assuming the weather tracks according to schedule, you can expect to get drenched in Mattrah before mid-morning. Lightning as well!

  11. I' ve often wondered about that stench...the most likely suspect is the wet rag they use to clean the place. Not letting it dry properly+using the same one wayyyy too long=le stench

  12. As of now, 10:00 am on Monday 31st Oct, no signs of any rain or showers. Just a bit of clouds. Could that be hoax ??!!

  13. Weather update: loads of rain in Ras Al Hadd yesterday night.

  14. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the rain and the drop in temperature. Did not notice about Costa, maybe because I have been having a stiff nose! By the way, saw the sign on TAZA opening soon in Qurum, Towell Building. Any updates on this?

  15. The Iranian Sadaf restaurant smelled the same the other day. Put you right off your feed! They said it was sewer. Why are they even open then?

  16. Funny that some big groups have chosen to give the omani staff the 5 day week and have expats work for the 48 hour week excluding breaks..!!

    The law does not discriminate, but the mmanagement sure does..!!

  17. Does anyone know if the new law is only for Omani staff, or do ex-pats in the private sector also now have a 5 day week?

  18. I suggest adding a facebook like button for the blog!


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