Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, and some other stuff.

Well first up, it's Canadian Thanksgiving today - so for all of you Canadians out there - Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have a great day, and for those of you reading from Canada itself - enjoy the long weekend!

Such a pretty flag

It created quite the stir last week, but all you lushes out there can breathe a sigh of relief will have to keep waiting - Pavo's got it's license renewed still not had it's license renewed. PK has got some juice it seems ;) So the margaritas are back on the menu, phew! I'm not sure I could handle that band sober. Actually I'm being mean, that band is actually pretty good, if not a little (a lot) too loud - its a shame live dancing is still off the menu, nothing better than watching people shit faced on Karaoke night belting out late 80's classics. Sniff, such amusing memories.

Cafe G

I've recently discovered Cafe G, thanks to a very nice new friend of mine for introducing me to Cafe G, you know who you are! Now a lot of people ramble on about the cakes and whatever from Cafe G - I wouldn't have a clue, I just know that their coffee is really good, so if you are in MQ (or the Bank Muscat HQ), try them out for their coffee instead of your usual Starbucks/Costa/Dunkin Donughts coffee. Rather excitingly, they have a Twitter account here and a facebook page here which has all their menu and things. Their Coffee is great :) No I didnt get paid to write about them! But yes I'll take a free coffee if one's being offered!


Local free paper, Black & White, with support from Merge 104.8 are hosting a concert here in town on October 26th at the SQU Cultural Center. Just a few observations on this now though. Nowhere on the Black & White Website or Facebook page is there any information about the Yanni concert, and the same story is with Merge 104.8 - albeit there is a mention in their Merge Guide, there is no ticketing information or even information on how to get tickets. Emails sent in to B&W anonymously have gone unanswered so one assumes that they've sold all their tickets, except they have not. And, as the story was originally broken by fellow local blogger Rummy back in August, the concert is actually for a very good cause - the proceeds go to the Al Noor Association for the Blind. I finally found some information by reading through the September issue of B&W (the "current issue" on their website) and cut an advert out of the e-zine..... they do make it hard don't they? Anyway, if you want some tickets, you can email (good luck!) them on yanniconcert@blackandwhiteoman.com or call on 2456 5697 / 9867 5976 for more information on how to get them.

According to Yanni's website, tickets are not available for purchase online, but can be bought in, "leading restaurants and shopping malls" - that solves that then... I guess? Perhaps the good people at Merge can try actually adding some information to their website/facebook rather than just keep giving the tickets away so people interested could actually purchase them. Upon further googling, I understand you can purchase tickets at these locations: Pizza Hut outlets, La Mer, Abala Cafe and The Sultan Center (Qurum).

Many thanks to @lasiaf who pointed out the rather helpful website:  http://www.yannioman.com//index.aspx

Dont forget to put your name down for 2 free tickets to the 80s party hosted by Pat Sharp on the 19th October at the InterCon Jabrin ballroom from 9pm... either email me or leave your comment on this thread for a chance to win 2 tickets to the event.

Muscat Rugby have their 3rd game of the season tonight, against HMS Oceans with a KO at 7:00pm. MRFC have been unbeaten so far this season and will be looking to keep that record intact when they play the Royal Navy this evening, and Doha who will be visiting Muscat this Friday (KO at 3:00pm). Post match celebrations will be held in the new home for MRFC - The Hyatt Habanna Bar.

More soon.

le fin.

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  1. Cafe G also have a couple of light meals that are worth trying, especially for lunch: salads are OK, and try the open salmon sandwich.

    They're famous for their cakes of course...and the service is usually pretty good, with friendly staff who know about the menu.

  2. Dancing is allowed at Pavo's. I heard that it was 'banned' too but the couple of times I've been there in the recent past have had groups of people dancing.

  3. Dancing is dangerous!
    God does not want us to dance!
    Except in same sex groups in a kind of shuffling motion, while waving a sword over your head!

  4. I just called Pavo and was told that they are not serving Alcoholic beverages. So please get your facts right before posting

  5. Wrong Info !Pavo does not serve Booze any longer have just called and confirmed!

  6. oops!!!! Sorry I thought they were serving!! Sorry everyone, hands wrapped with a ruler and blog post edited!

  7. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving my friend!

  8. I just walked out of Pavo's. The bar looked well stocked and they confirmed that the license has been renewed.


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