Some local news and observations

On Saturday, Muscat Daily's cover proclaimed that the good men of the RNO (Royal Navy of Oman) put the smack down on some cheeky Somalian pirates. Here's a link to the story. With a follow up here and here.

Oman: not pirate friendly

Now, reading this objectively, I could get all conspiracy theorist and start wondering about if the mission was perhaps botched... 2 of the kidnapped crew were shot dead, and another 2 are apparently in critical condition, one of whom was shot nearly 10 times reportedly. But rather than dwell on that, I think what is more important to note is that the RNO boys have made it pretty clear to any Captain Jack Sparrow wannabees that they will bring the pain if they muck about in their waters. Which to be honest is exactly the right response, and if the countries surrounding Somalia conducted the same policy, things would not have become as endemic as they have. So, RNO - well done.

In other local news, tomorrow sees the by-now well publicized Oman Cat-Astrophy fund raiser book (and other things) sale at the Costain Dolphin Club. So in case you forgot: 3-9pm tomorrow.

A little Muttering I heard yesterday was that there has been yet another U-Turn in the ongoing story of Booze at the Royal Oman Opera House, and that now Alcohol licenses will be permitted for F&B outlets in the attached mall. More on that as it develops - and if you are reading this and know more, please share!

And finally..... There's some big acts coming to town brought by the lovely people at Hi FM and Alive Entertainment. More on that as things get closer, but its something that people should be pretty excited about!

More tomorrow!

le fin.
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  1. Chris Brown i'd say

  2. Apparently yes, Bice and Bokara will be back, some of the others withdrew. Early yet to know the final line up.

  3. Re Pirates - I was in Sur Harbour during the ROP/Anti-Pirate exercise. Leaping from a Helicopter / assault boat onto a medium sized boat looked impressive and its good they have used their skills.

  4. "Alcohol licenses will be permitted for F&B outlets in the attached mall"

    oh god, here come the problems.....

  5. Metallica are playing Yas in Abu Dhabi and Muscat is getting Chris Brown!!


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