The Lazy Lizard at the Radisson Blu

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of relaxing at the Lazy Lizard @ the Radisson Blu after a hard lunch-time effort in the bar watching New Zealand kick off the 2011 IRB Rugby World cup against Tonga (the All Blacks won, naturally). I was a little surprised to see Merge 104.8's wonder boy, Chris Fisher there, but still managed to poke him and say hello. I think. I'm not really too sure on the details.

But I would say that this Friday chill in the pool, with a big screen showing matches and plenty of tipples on offer is currently a well-kept secret - it was really nice and, um, chilled. Well worth a look if you are looking for a way to while away a long Friday afternoon in the coming winter months.

The Radisson Blu is in Al Khuwair at the large oval-bout, near to Automatic, and the institution of late night munchies, Istanboly.

More tomorrow!

le fin.
The Lazy Lizard at the Radisson Blu The Lazy Lizard at the Radisson Blu Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Does the Friday offier includes use of the swimming pool ?

Peter said...

I think it does

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