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Over the weekend I was invited to experience Kaya Skin Clinic's new treatment for facial skin... Aqua Radiance. Being a guy, I initially thought that there had been a mistake and suggested I sent my wife for the treatment instead, but the kind people at Kaya said that, no, it's actually a treatment for skin, men’s or women’s skin.

Having never had any sort of treatments like this in the past, I was a little nervous about the experience: Was it going to hurt? Was it going to be uncomfortable? And most importantly, was I going to be turned into a woman? After asking the boss and a few lady friends, I felt confident enough to go along and see what the experience was like. I think I heard them sniggering behind me but I cant be sure.

The Muscat clinic is located in Shatti, just off the newly dualized road from Al Fair Sarooj to the Bowsher Police station - it is on Way 3013, Villa 879. Firstly, parking is fairly cramped out front, but if you go to the rear of the building, there is a lot more parking space there.

I walked into the clinic and was immediately struck by how professional it looked. No dodgy salon here then. The staff was friendly and immediately the Manager popped out and said, "I assume you’re Mr Sythe then?”, which was handy, because I really was not feeling too confident and was grateful not to have to say more than I had to! I was whisked into a waiting room and offered a drink and a form to fill in.

After a brief chat with a doctor to review my skin type and for her to select the correct range of vitamins for application, I was off upstairs with the very capable Anita to receive my treatment.

It lasted for about an hour and a half and was very relaxing, I actually fell asleep at one point!
The treatment started off with a facial massage with some Aloe Vera gel, which was chilled and was really refreshing when massaged onto my face. After this massage, the real genius of the treatment came into effect - most of the treatment is administered via a supersonic air jet mixed with saline water.

First, they used the air massager to drain my lymphatic system, then cranked up the pressure a bit and did 2 passes on my face to exfoliate the skin. The science-y bit is the blasts of air penetrate deep into the skin, and as it's with water it is actually good for the skin. Clever.

Once the exfoliation was complete, the specially-selected vitamins and minerals were mixed into the air jet machine and infused into my skin - it felt so cooling and relaxing - I actually felt better and better as it was being applied. Then finally to wrap things up, a mask was applied to my face and left for 20 minutes... it turned all rubbery and peeled off in one piece! I would share a picture with you all of how I looked.... but it's too scary and so not this time!

All in all, I actually really enjoyed the experience. My skin really does feel refreshed, it looks clearer and it feels like it fits my face better - perhaps a little tighter? It feels good anyhow. The treatment costs RO 60 and lasts for 90 minutes, and is open to both men and women to try. The people at Kaya also mentioned that they do a lot of beard shaping treatments for men who like a finely manicured beard, which I never thought about.

You can call them on 2460 1700 / 2460 4300 to make an appointment - they have a lot of other services on offer, but the Aqua Radiance treatment is their specialty. So if you’re a husband and reading this and wondering what to get your wife for a gift.... consider this!

le fin.
Kaya Skin Clinic Kaya Skin Clinic Reviewed by Sythe on Saturday, September 24, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Thanks for the review! I must visit when I'm back in October!!

  2. "But Mutty, you're beautiful...!"

    Mwahahahaha! Actually it all sounds very pleasant...terribly expensive though. I always wondered what these spoiled princesses I hang around with now and then spend all their money on. Now I know!


  3. You sold credibility of the blog to Kaya Clinic for a mere 60 rials? Not good....will never trust this space again.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Fair point - I'd charge way more, but Mutty's no fool: one of these every Friday morning plus massage, manicure and pedicure, a monthly "BSC", cash on the side and a date with the receptionist sounds like a more reasonable arrangement; maybe he's already got that at least? :D

    I'm still holding out for someone who wants to advertise "Predator" drones, junk food or DDT myself. And a lot of cash. My day will come though, I'm sure of it...

  6. Shane -

    I find it amusing that because I actually get offered something to experience and write a positive experience about it that this is selling credibility of the blog - writing about various businesses around Muscat has always been a major part of my blog - recently I've written about the Radisson Blu, TGI Fridays, Merge, Jebel Sifawy hotel, Royal Opera House, Victorias Secret, Muscat Grand Mall and a lot more than that. I'd hardly call it selling credibility!

    And the simple fact is, I actually enjoyed myself when having the treatment (not so much the piss-taking that has been going on non-stop since people found out though!) and so why should I not write positively about the service and the experience, which was, to me, very good?

    Jamilla -

    I was wondering whether you had even been for this treatment or not before and if you were going to comment - so thanks :)

    Lino - haha - Perhaps I'll go after McDonalds next, they have a big marketing budget! :)

  7. omg - I had always assumed you were a woman - how sexist was that - sorry!

  8. I want to know what Victoria's Secret gave you! Actually, perhaps that's a mental image I don't need!

  9. wow. Kaya was there when I lived there and I would always drive by wondering, but afraid to try. Wish they had offered you this to review when I lived there. I would have become a customer. I know you are no fool and a responsible reviewer. If I ever move back, I know where to go to help my sun drenched skin.

  10. Anon - heh, I find that a lot, people seem to think that Mr Sythe is a woman - it's starting to give me a complex!

  11. Hi , you have written abt radisson, muscat mall etc...

    my query, did they invite you ?

    in this case, you have mentioned they invited you?

    Since you didnt pay for it and go on your own, the integrity of this piece can always be questioned...

    Assuming you had not liked the treatment, would do you have expressed the same?

  12. Obviously I wouldn't have written about it if I didn't enjoy it. You might as well never watch TV or read a magazine ever again if that's how you feel about advertising!

  13. Recently went for a Kaya basic facial. Never again. They used cheap supermarket Aoe Vera gel which had such a high level of alcohol it burned my skin and stung my eyes and this was after a microdermabrasion!! Ouch! They also used a comedone extractor (a metal tool with a metal loop of sorts at the end, to remove blackheads) No self respecting Beauty Salon or facialist should be using one of those as they can cause scarring.

  14. it was not a very good experience i new more information more than so called dr. it is funny when clinics thinks that customers are ignorant and do not understand they forgot one fact that their is smart shoppers were they know what they are looking for, price very expensive compare to treatments offered else where.

  15. Oh ho, people actually get paid to write positive and negative reviews???? Which means that this isn't a genuine blog???

  16. It's a genuine blog, I write about what I want to write about.

  17. hi muscat mutterings!

    would just like to ask if kaya clinic offers varicose vein removal. i was trying to browse their webpage, but its kinda limited. if you have any idea, id like to hear from you soon. thanks! :)

  18. Will write my experience in kaya clinic in muscat recently:
    was very nice building , furniture/lights/music =100%
    Girls in the reception were polite & welcome,
    The service/ tea boy: very good

    my friend was seen by indian doctor ,so i went there for solution not for lecture,
    Was omani lady the doctor @ my conslation took less than 10min inspite of paying ~27$
    Didnot examine my face and advice for me peeling cost~500$ in 4session?
    looks to my nails as if am having uncurable disease???
    For my hair advice local injection ~1250$ in two months session, without taking sample or seening hair growth stages by machine??

  19. Kaya Skin Clinic is a responsible organization which provides safe and efficacious skin care solutions to its clients. We are one of the leading chains of cosmetic dermatology clinics and have a huge client base of over 100,000 satisfied customers across the region. As an ethical brand we are always open to client’s feedback and it is our policy to attend to any genuine grievances and resolve them at the earliest. We request you to please share your contact details at feedback@kayame.net so that we can address your concern personally and resolve it.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Warm Regards,

    Kaya Skin Clinic

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