The Script and Jay Sean coming to Muscat

Well the people at Hi FM have been talking about it all last week, and now they are announcing not 1 but 2 concerts to be held in November:

First up, on Wednesday November 9th is R&B artist, Jay Sean. Ticket cost is yet to be confirmed.

And then, Irish band The Script will be playing on Wednesday November 16th. Tickets cost RO 25 for General admission, or RO 50 for VIP admission.

Both events will be held at the InterContinental Gardens and the gates open at 7:00pm in both cases. For more information on ticketing and such, you can check HI FM's facebook or website, or Alive Omans new Facebook page.

As usual, the very kind people at Hi FM and Alive Events have given me tickets to each event to give away in the coming weeks, so look for those give-aways in the near future!

le fin.
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  1. I think you should give the tickets to me as I've no idea who either of them are, so will therefore be a genuine addition to the potential audience rather than a substitute for a fee-paying customer.

    Or not. Are they any good?

  2. I'm a new fan of the Script!! I have to go!!!!!!

  3. I'm going to The Script whether you give me tickets or not!!! (so give them :)

    Thanks for letting me know. I'm so excited!!!!!!

  4. Awesome!! Free tix?! You know I ain' no enemy ;P

  5. I am with The Linoleum Surfer on this one, I have no idea who they do them a favour and expand their fan base?

  6. Just listened to them on ITunes...dear oh'd have to pay me to go....Can we please get Lemon Jelly or the Stereo MCs or Public Enemy or the James Taylor Quartet or or or...

  7. I am also prepared to chaperone Mimi and/or HMTAB, and protect them from Sami. How's that?

    (By the way, Sami, can you go these enemy-sponsored events?)

  8. If you have no idea who the Script is, then I must say you live under a rock, or your old. I am going to guess your old. If that is the case, maybe at some point in the future Neil Diamond will make an appearance in Muscat.
    I am so tired of the negativity on some of these blogs filled with haters. If you don't like the music, then simple, don't go. But don't sit on a blog and make statements about how they would have to pay you to go. Ten bucks says you will be there anyhow because this society is filled with hypocrites and assholes.

  9. TLS.....I said I ain' no enemy!! Plus why saying am a hungry hyena?!

    Since Anonymous thinks you're an old fart who religiously listens to Cher, I'll sponsor your attendance for both concerts. ;P

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Please oh please someone give me a free ticket to the script concert. Would love to see them finally on stage. Followin them for some time now. Plus would be my first concert


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