Radio Wars: The results are in.

Well, firstly, thank you to all of you who voted in my most recent poll. It was quite the turn out. As originally promised, I have re-run the poll 2 months in from the launch of Merge 104.8 FM and the results are in.

Last time around, these were the results:

Hi FM took 48% of the vote (95 votes)
Merge 104.8 took 26% of the vote (53 votes)
Oman 90.4 took 9% of the vote (19 votes)
Ipods/Cd players too 15% of the vote (30 votes)

A total of 197 votes.

This time round, we have had a total of 266 votes, and I added a new option to the poll: Arabic stations, to gauge a bit more feedback from those of you kind, kind people who clicked for me :)

Radio Sultanate of Oman took 3.76% of the vote (10 votes)
Hi FM took 65.41% of the vote (174 votes)
Merge  took 16.54% of the vote (44 votes)
Arabic took 1.13% of the vote (3 votes)
CD/MP3 took 13.16% of the vote (35 votes)

It's not looking too good for Merge, at least as a reflection of what you all, readers of  ze blog, think. Merge have lost 10% of the vote, and even their volumes are down on increased voting numbers, while Hi FM have stormed off with 65% of the vote, an increase of 17% over last time. Also, less of you are listening to Radio Sultanate of Oman, and I note that Merge's Facebook "like" campaign has netted them 2,028 people, and Hi have 3,847 likers at the time of writing on their Facebook page.

 @o3mer's picture seems to sum things up nicely

So I wonder why people are not, well, those of you that voted, are choosing not to listen to Merge, and more people are listening to Hi FM. Care to share?

le fin.
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  1. Down here in the south we can't get any other radio station ,except radio Sultanate of Oman .Why is that ?

  2. It's because these stations broadcast on FM frequencies, which are short range (approx. 30km). For you to hear Hi or Merge on a radio in Salalah would mean each station setting up a transmitter down there, which is expensive.

    An alternative if you want to listen at home is to do it via the internet (go to their website or use one of the internet radio services). However, as internet radio gives you live access to almost any radio station in the world, once you start using it I doubt you'd stick with Hi or Merge for very long...

  3. I understand that both Merge and HiFM will be broadcasting from Salalah before the end of the year, with Merge launching first.

  4. I listen to Hi FM normally, but when a song I dont like comes on or an advert starts I usually switch to merge or the other one.

    I really dont like the morning guy on merge, he just doesnt sound as good as darren.

  5. I dun like that guy in the afternoons replacing kathy

  6. I saw agree with Andrew... Marcus is so silly and not funny at all, i change to Merge whenever that dude is on!!

  7. It's not fair to do a poll comparing them during Ramadan because Merge is playing utter bollocks- like Islams answer to Val Doonican. I understand we have to cater to most Omanis turning into pathetic little children for a month but Merge has pushed it a bit too far.


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