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Well, we're into the last day of voting for the Radio poll, and so far 252 votes have been cast - and if you have not voted yet, please do!

Over on English Girl in Oman's blog, she has recently blogged about a cause I fully support - The Oman Cat-astrophe. They have a Facebook group here, and you can read more about them there or on English Girl in Oman's blog. The group are a stray cat neutering and re-homing imitative and are having a fund-raising book-and other stuff sale at The Dolphin Club on September 13th. If you have items you want to donate for the cause, you can do so by contacting Lesley on 9291 4868 or Chris Barlow on 9504 0189.

Next up, another local Blogger has finally returned from his ridiculously long vacation - Andy in Oman is back from the 'pines and appears to have had quite the trip, worth stopping by his blog to read about it. I'm sure he'll be gloating about it more in the coming days, the voracious blogger that he is.

I was recently googling about Yolanda be Cool in Muscat and came across a fairly witty new local blog, The Camel Dodgers guide to Oman - if you're easily offended dont visit it. If you like a bit of wit, then take a look, the bedwin doesn't like to write a lot, so it wont take long to read his blogs to date!

More on the Muscat Grand Mall now, and as the news was broken yesterday by the Times of Oman, the new cinema there is to be 3 screens, totaling 300 seats, and both 3D and 4D technology. I presume that means 1 4D cinema and 2 3D cinemas. I have to admit I didn't know what 4D was, so I went to Wikipedia to find out. It seems essentially that it is a 3D presentation with additional effects, which are not guaranteed but could range from:

Vibrating seats, strobe lights, air and water sprays and even smells... It also seems not many main-stream movies are given the 4D treatment.... yet, but perhaps it will catch on like 3D has in recent years. Anyway good to know we're getting another cinema in town. more on MGM in the coming days.

le fin.
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Anonymous said...

Any news on the proposed shops (i.e. the larger ones, or department stores)?

Anonymous said...

3 screens only? Are you kidding me?
Haven't they learnt from City Cinema Shatti?
in the peak movie periods they tend to show great movies for 2 weeks only, and many miss out.
And I hope each screen auditorium will have a higher ceiling so we don't have to sit with the head of the guy in front of you covering a quarter of the screen.

Anonymous said...

Just read the article, no wonder its only going to have 3 screens, it's from the abysmal City Cinema line.

blm said...

Speaking of new outlets, have you seen the TGI Fridays are opening at the City Season Hotel? I think that's the name of that new hotel in Al Khuwair.

Sythe said...

blm - no I wasn't aware... I'll check it out, thanks for sharing!

Andy said...

Thanks for the mention, Sythe. It was a blast but it's nice to be back. Your blog is one of the sites I'd check into from time to time to catch up on news in Oman while on vacation. By the way instead of "goating about my vacation more" (cheeky monkey! :-)), I'll simply be posting that material on my Andy in the Philippines site. At the moment I'm more into posting the vids I took and just don't seem to be in the blogging mood for now. In the meantime, keep up the great blogging!
I hope the rumor of TGI Fridays in City Season Hotel is true. I love that restaurant!

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