Just a quickie: EID is announced as August 31st

It's been announced this year that Ramadan is to be 30 days, and that Eid will fall on August 31st (a Wednesday) this year. Oman's stepping away from it's normal tradition of a Moon Sighting Committee and going with Astronomical Calculations this year... a first apparently.

As for how long the holidays will last, that is still subject to rumors... but the first day will be Wednesday August 31st. The news was announced via Sabq, and presumably will be in the papers tomorrow.

le fin.
Just a quickie: EID is announced as August 31st Just a quickie: EID is announced as August 31st Reviewed by Sythe on Saturday, August 20, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. wohoo! Never thought I'd see the day that they actually let people plan ahead !!

  2. Oh crap - that means an extra day of fasting! Ah well... let's hope it's not the short 2-day hol (weds/thurs) that everyone is apparently predicting!

  3. Oman is doing it both the traditional and modern way. They still believe in moon sighting, but they use scientific calculations to see if there is any point of holding a moon sighting meeting or not. It has happened once before (2 or 3 years back) that Oman announced that the moon for Ramadhan or Eid (can't remember exactly) cannot be seen, and for that reason they were not accepting any calls or claims of moon sighting. The same thing is done this Eid. They're basically saying that there is no point of holding a moon sighting meeting on August 29th, because scientific calculations show that it is impossible for the moon to be sighted on that day, and therefore, Eid is on Aug 31st.

    I'm interested in knowing how things will go for Saudi Arabia and other countries who follow Saudi Arabia on these matters.

  4. @Amjad your explanation makes more sense than the original post. Non-Muslim don't understand anything about this -_-


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