Westlife tickets.

It's been a quiet week for me this week - way too much work, and that comes first as always.

Next week will be a quiet one too, I'm going to be taking a little break for the week but will be back after that!

Now, unless you've been living under a rock in Muscat the last few weeks, you would know that Westlife are coming to town, and that tickets are nearly all sold out. So why not have a go at winning 2 VIP tickets granting you access to the Golden Circle right here at Muscat Mutterings?

All you have to do is email me or leave a comment on THIS BLOG POST. It's that easy, and you could walk away with RO 100 worth of soon to be unavailable tickets to see Westlife next weekend.

I'll announce the winner on Thursday morning.

Bon chance!

le fin.
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Olga K. said...

Sythe,consider this my plea :)
Does the first comment get extra points??? :)

Sarah_J_Evans said...

No, it should be the second person to comment I think for sure.........!!

shahid said...

i wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnna ticket.

Alifa said...

umm.....u guys are commenting on the wrong blog post...!! you need to click "this blog post" in the post above and then you get re-directed to the post where the competition is on!!
good luck!!
p.s. Sythe, extra points for helping misdirected competitors??

Robin said...

It is my daughter's birthday on the 13th and that would make a great birthday present - for me as she is going to be just 3 :)

Rochelle said...

i didn't win last time...i hope i get it this time....pretty plsss....

Sudhir Nemani said...

Not sure if I'm gonna win it,but without being cliche, I want to tell that you are really doing a good job and helping lot of new immigrants to Muscat like me . Thanks for all your efforts.


sameer said...

sameer wants to go!


Naveed Parkar said...

i want tthe tickettttttsssssssssss

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