Photography Compeition: Win RO 1,000 with Muriya

Below please find details of Muriya's Photography competition, any of you budding photographers could have a go, and stand to win some nice cash prizes.....

Muriya's Photography Competition 2011
To encourage the artistic talents and to reach out to the community, Muriya Tourism
Development is pleased to host a photography competition to all residents in the Sultanate to provide them with the opportunity to showcase their artistic talent, meanwhile highlighting the beauty, nature, architecture of Oman and capturing the progress of our Developments in the Sultanate. The photography will be mainly focused in the area of "Jebel Sifah" project.

Themes of the competition:

Theme 1: Jebel Sifah Project
This theme is dedicated to capturing the company's project "Jebel Sifah" in the region of Muscat. The aim is to capture beautiful shots of the project in terms of architecture and the waterfront, walkways, Illuminations and all aesthetics elements linked to the mentioned project.

Theme 2: The natural beauty of Sifah
This theme is dedicated to highlighting the beauty of the landscape and nature of Sifah village, Muscat at various times and locations of marine and mountains. Hoping the photographer demonstrates his/her creative energies in capturing great views of the village of Sifah.

Terms of the competition:
-The competition is open to all photographers residing in the Sultanate.
- Participants need to fill out the entry form and submit it to the Photography Club located in Athaiba no later than Monday April 4, 2011.
- In collaboration with Muriya, we will inform the participants the set dates for photography. Photographs taken before or after the date specified will not be accepted.
- Photographers must submit their own work for the competition.
- Participants must submit photographs captured by a professional digital camera; we will not accept photos taken with compact camera phones.
- The participants are allowed to provide 5 five images within each theme of the contest.
- Participants are to submit photographs on a CD-ROM quality 300 OBI should not be less than 2000 pixels.
- Deadline for submitting is Thursday May 5, 2011 at the Photography Club in Athaiba, we will
not accept any submission after this date.
- Winning images to be owned by Muriya Tourism Development Company.
- Muriya has the right to use all images of the participants in the competition; however the owner of the photographs still has the right of their own work.
- A committee will be formed to judge the photograph and select the winners accordingly and the results of the competition will be announced at an honoring ceremony.

Competition Awards:
Theme 1:
First prize: 1,000 OMR
Second prize: 750 OMR
Third prize: 500 OMR
Two appreciation prizes value of each prize is 100 OMR

Theme 2:
First prize: 1,000 OMR
Second prize: 750 OMR
Third prize: 500 OMR
Two appreciation prizes value of each prize is 100 OMR

For inquiries about the competition please contact Mr. Ahmed AI Busaidi supervisor of
Photography Club:

Bon Chance!

le fin.
Photography Compeition: Win RO 1,000 with Muriya Photography Compeition: Win RO 1,000 with Muriya Reviewed by Sythe on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. why the hell does some need to swear? no need

  2. Thanks for the info! I am definitely going to participate :)

  3. How can a simple informative post like that upset people so much?

  4. This Azaiba photography club is only for the Omani locals. Will they accept pictures from the Expats. Or in the first place are expats allowed to participate in this competition. Please advise. Thanks and Regards.

  5. Hi. I've enrolled and I am an expat, they haven't advised that its for Omanis only. Also keep in mind that Saturday is the last day to submit your enrollment form! So hurry! Really do contact Ahmed on the details Sythe provided, he responds almost immediately! The best of luck!

  6. Its for all residents in Oman, not just Omanis.
    Date of registration has been extended till the 4th of April 2011

  7. I spoke to Mr.Ahmed and sent all my details to them via email as asked. I hope this means that I am registered. The places to shoot as informed are Yiti, Kharan, Sifah and Sifah Project Building from 5th to 20th April only. Please advise if someone has more info on this.

  8. There will be a meeting at the Photography club today for participants in Atheiba at 7:15 .. it will be presented by Muriya to explain the competition.

  9. The Muriya letter states the last day of submission of photos to Photography Club is 5th May. We were told at the meeting that the last date of submission is 20th April. Can someone clarify this please ?

  10. The place is still not ready to be shot ! There is all around construction going on with debris. the ladders, equipments, plastic sheets, and all sorts of material is lying on the villas and vicinity with no boats in the Marina. No villa is ready complete which can be shot properly from outside or inside. At night only the pathway lights are on. A professional shoot of the architecture cant be done like. Any suggestions or comments are most welcome.

  11. The deadline for submitting the images is the 20th April not the 5th of May.

  12. sorry for the mix up


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