Mouloud Holidays announced.

I will update this as I get more information. However, the current situation looks like this:

Government sector: Wednesday 16th February, returning on Saturday 19th February.
Private sector: Thursday 17th February, returning on Saturday 19th February.

From Tuesday 15th February 6pm until Wednesday 16th February midnight (read: 23:59), all bars are to be closed.

le fin.
Mouloud Holidays announced. Mouloud Holidays announced. Reviewed by Sythe on Saturday, February 12, 2011 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

So once again, us 'poor' private sector workers don't get a day off!! What's with this Thursday business - hardly any of the private sector works on a thursday anyway!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I very well DO work on Thursdays and finally get 1 weekend with 2 days off. Feel happy for me! ;-)

Sythe said...

For those in the Private Sector, you should point out (if you want to stick your neck out, that is) that per the Oman Labour Law article 64, employers are required to grant a different day to compensate it.

To quote:

"An employer may give a worker work on an official holiday if the circumstances of work
require it. In such a case the worker either has the right to receive his salary for the
official holiday with an increase of not less than 25% or to take a similar rest period for
the time he has worked during the holiday.

Should the official holiday fall on the weekly paid rest day, the employer must grant the
worker another day to compensate for it.

Should the official holiday fall during the period of his annual leave, the worker is not
entitled to any compensation for it, either in cash or in extra days of holiday in lieu."

That said, many employers ignore this law - and what can you realistically do about it?

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