Happy birthday HiFM!

What a 3 years it's been.

In the last 3 years, we've seen a second English language radio station launch, promptly take control over the incumbent Oman FM and continue to top the charts here. We've seen new concerts, comedy events and more because of the efforts of HiFM.

And to top it all off, earlier this month in the Business Today magazine, HiFM were recognized as the strongest radio brand by nearly double of it's closest competitor - that takes quite some doing.

I've had a laugh poking fun at Darren in the past, and it was well worth it as he turned out to be a nice guy.

This year will bring a few challenges though, the Sabco group are planning to launch their own English language radio station and are in their final stages of awaiting their license to start broadcasting. Competition is good I say!

Well done on 3 years - I hope you have many more!

le fin.
Happy birthday HiFM! Happy birthday HiFM! Reviewed by Sythe on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Daren morning show is the best...
    Cong. Hi FM

  2. Amen to that. Well done Hi FM!!

  3. Ironic that those "brilliant" Business Today folks use the term "mindshare" to describe the popularity amongst a "survey" - hmmm, that must have been made up of unbiased data, hey? - to ultimately describe a station that is so pathetic in its ability to connect with the mass populace, yet so adamant to play mass populace drivel at 7.30 in the morning until the sun goes down.

    Lovely jubbly Faik is bad enough, not to forget the "tick-tock" quiz lady who used to hit us with brainless questions in the afternoon, but the cock sure commentary of the star at HiFM is so bad, that when those jerks at SABCO get their act together, all they need to do is fart down a mic and it'll take a larger piece of the pie in next year's biz today. Oops, sorry, I meant "mindshare", not pie.

  4. Brilliant!! Now how do we get the newspapers to print some real news? :p

  5. HiFM is rubbish. All of their comments, presenters and program content is so British, it's a joke! We are in Oman and this is supposed to be an English speaking radio channel for ALL expats and of course Omani's. Then there is Darren. He is so arrogant and rude. I have met him on few occasions and he is only nice to people who he thinks are beneficial to him. He is not funny and he is not intelligent. The music on HiFM is the worst. Who are they catering for? Teenagers? If so, then employ younger presenters who can actually talk about things that matter to the youth in Oman. This radio station is better than the government run English station but that doesn't mean it's any good! Companies in Muscat hate HiFM, but they have no other choice but to advertise with them, as there is no other channel. Have you heard the ads done by HiFM? They all sound the same. Darren plays them during his show and you don't even notice it's an ad at first, as the voice is the same!!! I can't believe companies would actually spend money on crap like that. It is about time that a competitor comes along and pushes Darren and his team of his high horse.

  6. Anonymous: Wow! That's quite a scathing review of Darren. You are entitled to your opinion, however it feels a little too personal for me to take it seriously.

    Also, it is an English radio channel, so I have no problems w/ the presenters being British. After that is where the language originated. So your criticism on that makes absolutely no sense.

  7. I agree HI FM is rubbish, mind you the opposition isn't much better but at least the srive to work show is head and shoulders wbove HI FM. Adter that I change to the classical music station at 97 FM.... great station.


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