As you are all no doubt aware, tomorrow thru Thursday will be holidays, and Saturday will also be a holiday for Public Sector employees.

Additionally, it has just been announced that December 25-31 (aka Christmas week) will be the official National Day holidays. The Public Sector announcement has been made already, and it is expected that the Private Sector announcement will be made imminently. The Oman News Agency website is currently down... probably being overloaded.

I guess the Oman World Fireworks Championship starting tonight (and running until the 18th of December) will have cause for extra celebration from all the workers in Oman tonight!

le fin.

UPDATE: Private Sector return to work on Tuesday 28th December.
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  1. If that's really true - i.e. XMas week being given as National Day hols.. then "good on you Oman"!! Shukran. :-)

  2. I think there will have been fewer days worked since 14th November - end December than actual days worked

  3. Left Oman at the wrong time :(

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  5. Check our Web Site for our blog on Oman firework event from a hill in Muscat - it was a spectacular start – and Hong Kong must be very happy .

  6. UK competing tonight in the fireworks.

    If you think we're lucky here, in the UK we're getting one day to celebrate the wedding of William and Kate/Catherine! Woo hoo!!

  7. that won't affect newspaper people. we keep working but just we got extra payment


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