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Hello everyone!

Seasons greetings / Merry Christmas to everyone. I've been watching the news on Western Europe's battle with the weather there at the moment... hopefully no more delays or cancellations!

This will be my 4th Christmas in Oman. Why go anywhere when this place is perfect at this time of year?!

There are a lot of parties going on between now and NYE, and here's a summary of what is going on... if you would like me to add your party to the list then please just send me an email! Click on the pictures for bigger versions of them to read information contained on them.

The Rugby Club

The rugby club are putting on both Christmas Eve and New Years Eve parties.

Christmas Eve, get a complimentary mulled wine upon entry, and NYE is RO 35 for unlimited beverages and finger foods while they last. Of note is the excellent outdoor space at the back of the club, something unique to the Rugby Club, and in this winter weather, very enjoyable!


The Zouk crowd have planned a plethora of events over the holiday period, starting on the 22nd and culminating with an excellent looking Masquerade New Year Bash for RO 40 with unlimited selected drinks. It all kicks off tomorrow night with Dub Bass

Zouk is such a pretty club I had to share another picture :)

Al Bustan Palace

The Al Bustan Palace has a ton of things going on between now and the new year, click on the pictures for complete information. In summary though (all prices are subject to 17% tax):

Beach Pavilion on 24th & 25th have a 5 course dinner for RO 39 with a complimentary glass of bubbles. NYE is RO 59 with a 6 course menu and a glass of bubbly.

China Mood - 24th is a 5 course meal for RO 39, 25th is dim sum brunch for RO 22. 31st is 5 course dinner for RO 39 (free glass of bubbles). 1st Jan is the dim sum brunch again.

Al Khiran Terrace - 24th & 25th buffet for RO 29, 31st is buffet for RO 39.

VUE - 24th - 5 course dinner for RO 59 (buy your drinks) 31st is a 6 course dinner for RO 70 (buy your drinks)

Catch carol singers on the 24th and 25th in the Atrium Lounge....


The 24th has the Musandam buffet for RO 21 for adults and RO 10 for kids with some live entertainment. Senior Pico is a 5 course dinner for RO 21. Traders is 5 course for RO 30 and Tomato is 5 courses for RO 21.

25th, Musandam Christmas Day Brunch buffet RO 24/12 (kids)

NYE - Musandam is RO 31 (RO 16 for kids), Senior Pico - 5 courses RO 31, Traders is a 5 course dinner and "open regular beverages" - RO 75

Al Ghazal Pub is RO 25 for unlimited selected beverages all night

The NYE Gala dinner buffet is RO 65 for adults and RO 22 for kids (includes drinks)

For those looking for some hangover grease, from noon till 4pm on the 1st, the New Years Day brunch is on for RO 18 adults and RO 9 for kids.

Barr Al Jissah

BAJ have 6 venues... so there's a lot going on here too!

Samba - Buffet for RO 18.5
Bait al Bahr - 5 course dinner for RO 28
Al Tanoor - Buffet for RO 18.5 with live music
Capri Court - 5 course dinner for RO 28
Sultanah - 5 course dinner for RO 60
Sharazad - 5 course dinner for RO 35

Samba - Buffet for RO 15.5 12-3pm
Bait al Bahr - 5 course dinner for RO 28
Al Tanoor - Buffet for RO 15.5 12-3pm
Capri Court - 5 course dinner for RO 28
Sultanah - 6 course dinner for RO 60

Al Waha & Al Bandar - RO 98 including drinks
Al Husn - Sultanah & Shahrazad - RO 120 including selected drinks

Park Inn

The Park Inn have a traditional turkey dinner on the 24th and 25th at the RBG Grill for RO 25 (starting at noon and includes access to the roof top pool). For dinner there is a 4 course dinner for RO 18.

For NYE, the Sama Terrazza is RO 50 with unlimited selected drinks. The entertainment is special... DJ Ilgin from Turkey. For those of you that like house music, she has a record deal with Pacha.

The Chedi

The Chedi have a few Christmas events lined up - A Bubbly brunch on Christmas Eve for RO 45 or 60 (depending on which type of Moet et Chandon you want to drink). Dinner at the Chedi's The Restaurant or The Serai Cabana is 4 courses and RO 40. And there is a Christmas buffet for RO 38 at The Restaurant.


I emailed the people at Hyatt but apparently they were too cool to get back to me. I understand that they have the following for NYE (special thanks to DITD for getting the info):

Safari Rooftop Grill house - 50 RO for the normal meal options & unlimited selected beverages from 7.30pm-1am
Mokkha Cafe - 60+ RO for a gala dinner (buffet) and drinks
Tuscany - 70+ RO for a black-tie gala dinner and drinks
UPDATE: Hyatt people got in touch, and shared the following information:

Dinner at Mokha Cafe - RO 30 (RO 15 for kids)
Dinner at Tuscany - RO 40 (RO 20 for kids)

Brunch buffet at Mokha Cafe - RO 32 (RO 16 for kids)
Lunch at Tuscany - RO 40 (RO 20 for kids)

Gala dinner in the hotel gardens - RO 75 (RO 35 for kids) including unlimited selected drinks
Tuscany - 6 course dinner with bubbly at midnight - RO 60
Afrah Ballroom - Kids party place with snacks, games and entertainment RO 15 (this is the only thing like this I've seen)
Safari Rooftop - RO 50 (kids RO 25) unlimited selected drinks - upgrade for access to the pub for an additional RO 15
Safari Pub - RO 35 with unlimited selected drinks
Copacabana - RO 25 per couple or RO 30 per single person for entry only, drinks are extra

Additionally, you can order your Christmas Lunch to take away (each serves 8-10 people):

Honey Glazed Ham - RO 160 (I think I might actually get this!)
Roast Mulwarra Prime Rib Eye - RO 150
Roast Butterball Turkey - RO 115

Left Bank

The Left Bank are throwing a NYE party with 2 different set menus - one being RO 30 the other RO 40. A free glass of bubbles at midnight but that is it.

Raddisson Blu

Also, too busy to get back to me with a summary of their events, but I understand that the NYE gig is at the Lazy Lizard and is RO 49 with unlimited bubbles or RO 59 with unlimited drinks.

And that is all..... Hope this helps!

le fin.
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  1. HAHA!! I actually came over earlier to check if you had any posts about the happenings... good to see I was looking in the right place albeit a little too early. Thanks!

  2. Fab round-up :) thanks


  3. Excellent round up MM

    But, what's your top pick for the best fun/deal (after the Rugby club, nats)?

  4. Excellent round up MM

    But, what's your top pick for the best fun/deal (after the Rugby club, nats)?

  5. I'd have to say my picks are:

    Best unlimited boozing session will be the Ghazal pub for RO 25 - A clear 10 rials cheaper than it's main competition - Safari Pub.

    Best party - Masquerade Ball at Zouk for RO 40 with unlimited selected drinks

    As for the best Gala dinner - they're all buffet's and have unlimited selected drinks... so it's really which ever hotel garden you like the most, but BAJ is a lot more expensive than the Crowne, InterCon & Hyatt's offerings, plus for parents, the Hyatt's kid's party thing in the Afrah ballroom might be appealing...

  6. Thanks for the post - it was very helpful! I am going to be in Muscat on my own, on a short break from working in Afghanistan, on NYE. I was wondering if all the parties are, like Zouks', "couples only" or if there are any that will admit singles?
    Cheers, Travellergirl

  7. Well Travellergirl when they say couples only I think they mean no stags! They won't have a lady comin in by herself. I came in from London a month ago to Oman and don't have a clue who to take or where to go!!
    Don't wanna go for a quite dinner for NYE, I think it should be a bit more alive than a nice meal.

  8. Thanks for the great round up, I also contacted Nuts & Bolts Club @ Al Falaj hotel (Ruwi). They have a party with DJ but it's for couples only.

    Entry fee is 15RO per couple! inclusive of two selected drinks. The interior design is amazing and as I heard the club is designed and run by the same guy who runs Zouks.

  9. any one knows details about Rock Botoom Cafe New YearNight?

  10. Anonymous - this posting is 1 year old. There's a 2011 party round up, but I boycott Ramee Guestline Hotel because their bouncers are racist ass holes.


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