Halloween Party!

For anyone interested, there will be a pick-up game of touch rugby held on Shatti beach this Thursday at 4pm. Then at 8pm, the doors will open for the halloween party at the club. The drinks are cheaper here than any of the hotel bars in town, and there is a fantastic outdoor area with overhead fans to keep you cool. At RO 4 for non-members, and food and drink specials available, it should be a fun evening! You can buy tickets on the door.

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Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

LOL, if there was no drinking I'd totally come.

I bet they have nice juice too;)

Umm Qahtan said...

Rugby sounds grt. shame u all cant come down to Salalah and entertained us bored people. Come to think of it i should start a ninja (muslim woman's) rugby team..what fun it would be. hehe.

Sythe said...

OPNO - I wish they had good fresh juice! ;)

Umm Qahtan - Now that sounds awesome - The Salalah Ninja's!

Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Umm Qahtan: H2b suggests you, Aalia, and I start one. Nadia can come in her pink glasses, or we can all switch the pink glasses to protect her, and we'd have an awesome time. I MISS REAL SPORTS. Even going to watch men play sports is risque to my new inlaws, lol, you know, because the men's short's are too short. LIKE I look at that. Oman, Oman, Oman.

Sythe: Is there a woman's Rugby team that a woman could play on if she wanted to wear headscarf and looser sports clothing or even abaya? I know that would bge weird, but I can swim and mountain climb in a black flowing robe so? If there is, let me know.

At least I can skate.

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