Recently I was given some delicious Red Velvet cupcakes by local baker Janan Abdullatif from Sweet Sensations. Janan has been baking for years, starting out all the way back in school and baking for friends and family. However, as word of her skills spread, more and more people kept asking to buy them - and so she first started commercially in 2007. She's known in some circles as the cup cake lady, as that seems to be her most popular item!

Her Facebook group serves as her main website, and contains a lot of photo's of her previous creations. Just looking at the pictures makes me hungry! Click these pictures to see higher quality versions of them. The picture above is of a Red Velvet cupcake that's been sliced in half - it was so moist!

This was the Twitter cake she made for a Tweet Meet held in early July to say goodbye to local blogger Other Oman. This was the first of her products that I tried, and I have to confess I took two huge slices home with me.... it was the best cake I've had in a long time!

She has a menu available online here. The prices for the cup cakes are for 25 pieces. A lead time of 2 days is required for items on the menu, or for designs that are not on the menu, 4 days are required. After stopping taking orders last November, Janan's decided to start taking orders again after Eid, much to the relief of many!!

To Order:

SMS: 99 85 59 79
Send a Message to Janan via Facebook

le fin.
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  1. YUM! Something to look forward to when we move back.

  2. I Can attest, Her cakes are outstanding. The one at the Tweet-up was AMAZING.

  3. Those cupcakes do look delish, now to decide what to order!

  4. This is cute! Very vibrant and adorable! Glad to know we have someone so creative in Oman! Thanks for providing the details!

  5. Thanks for taking the time to write the article and all the sweet comments. :)


  6. wow wonder what cancer causing dyes are used to colour the icing?

    Cup cakes people can be baked at home in 10 minutes. Icing is just sugar high fructose and good for diabetes.

    I am not trying to destroy the cup cake industry. I just think it is beyond ridiculous. 600 Baisa will buy you the mix plus 2 eggs and water. make it from flour, rising yeast, some FOOD colour dyes, blue, green purple pink, etc....and egss. That is all. Nothing special.

    Sure it is cute the swirls. But i see that and i see an unhealthy society that is stricken by obesity, diabetes, and a general disconnect on being a tiny bit self sufficient.

    MAKE YOUR OWN FOOD people. Takes less than 15 minutes and you will be happpppppppppy, proud, and with more money in your pocket.

    I stopped drinking coffee out ...and have easily saved 50 OMR per month.

    Add eating out at the crappy places here....another 200 omr.....

    multiply by 3 years. And that doesn't include cupcakes etc.

    I do go out sometimes, but i use it as an occassion.............

  7. OMG the last anonymous dude must be really miserable in his/her life! relax nobody is trying to steal from you it's just cupcakes! xD

    and we're not suffering from obesity like other countries does man/lady. get a grip.

    anywayz the cupcakes are amazing am a big fan of Janan's creations :)

    it's not just "cup cakes" I consider them lil pieces of art to be appreciated :P

    thanx for the post :)


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