And it's all over for another year.

Yup, that's it kids. Ramadhan is over for another year. Today is the last day - Friday will be the first day of Eid. :)

For those of you that are not heading away for a break, the bar's will be open again from 2pm on Friday.

The news in the Muscat bar scene really has 2 highlights:

1. There have been rumours running around town that the popular new night spot, Zouk, was fined heavily for operating a night club (as opposed to a bar - dancing being the key thing) and may not even be reopening. The rumour started about 2 weeks ago, but I could not confirm it. I have spoken with Zouk's management, and confirmed that no fine was imposed on them, and they will be open for business as usual on Friday. DJ Rita x.craft will be spinning in the club for 1 month - so if you like House music - check it out.

2. The InterCon have tarted up the Al Gazhal Pub - new pool tables, Abu Dhabi Sports installed and apparently "sexy new uniforms" for the staff. Good news that they got Abu Dhabi Sports in - that'll keep the footy crowd happy. They'll be open on Friday at 2pm. On regular days, the Happy hour runs from 1-2, and 6-7.30. For the extra "speshal" people, you can sing along to your favourite songs on Friday nights - Karaoke night.

Have fun - I'm heading off in a jet plane for a few weeks.

le fin.
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