Just a quickie: Al Fair Azaiba now open

I recently blogged about an Al Fair Azaiba location store to be opening soon. Well it's opening a lot sooner than I previously thought (October). It's open right now...

I wonder how much trade the MQ branch is going to loose, and whether the dvd guys will move down the the Azaiba branch? :P

Today is the last day that the alcohol stores will be open, I'm told. Ramadan is pegged for Wednesday - we'll see.

More tomorrow.

le fin.
Just a quickie: Al Fair Azaiba now open Just a quickie: Al Fair Azaiba now open Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, August 09, 2010 Rating: 5


  1. It's further out towards the Airport - next to the health centre on the South side of 18th Nov Street.

  2. Ooh, any idea who won the HiFM trolley dash competition?

  3. Joys, no need to drive to MQ for bendy veg and yoghurts that are months out of date!

  4. Sythe: I had to delete my comment, far to many typos for me. Thank you for your answer.


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