The weekend. And drama at Love Lane.

I took a day off from blogging yesterday, not a lot to talk about really.

Today's hot news was the attempted suicide by some guy at Love Lane. The ROP managed to rescue the guy (who really didn't want rescuing) in front of a packed crowd of rubber-neckers at the Love Lane.
Very exciting, except the man perhaps did not want to actually commit suicide, but fancied a swim (conveniently forgetting that he could not swim). The guy came with someone else who decided to call the police to get this guy out of the water after failing to get the guy to come out on his own.

The ROP responded with a 2 man unit in record time (I'm told 2 minutes but I'm not sure I actually believe that). One of the officers pulled a David Hasslehoff and ran straight in after the guy, while the other one took on the role of Pamela Anderson and went looking for a Scarab speedboat. Unable to find a boat fast enough to sufficiently blow his hair, he opted for the next best thing, a Jet Ski.

And in a very short amount of time the ROP officers managed to drag the non-swimming-swimmer back onto the beach. It's not clear what happened to the guy after that, but one would presume he's being handled by the ROP. Credit to @GazelleR from Twitter for the story.

Not a bad little story to tell whilst out socialising tonight or tomorrow!

Now, if you are a fan of a good fry-up, the Musandam brunch at the Intercon is worth a shot. A touch steep at RO 15.200 (including taxes) but a serious option if you fancy a bit of pampering. This week, there is a Scottish themed corner with the usual hangover cures, haggis, stovies, and basically lots of really unhealthy Scottish food to start your lazy friday.

Also for the hardcore just ask the Scottish chef after 2pm to sample some of his homemade rusty nail. For reservations call t'intercon on 24680000.

Have a great weekend everyone!

le fin.
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  1. a guy in Dubai

  2. Interesting story - A sad and all too common tale of narrow-minded laws.


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