Tuesday, July 06, 2010

In my on-going review of the latest English language daily news-paper here, Muscat Daily, I make another comment today.

Anita Joseph wrote an article on page 3 today entitled "Muscat: second least expensive city in GCC". It must really be a slow news month if Muscat Daily is allowing it's journalists to copy idea's from blogs - I wrote the same article last week, here.

I guess imitation is a form of flattery, right?!

le fin.


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

They must have liked your post;p

Non-Crowned Princess said...

Copying ideas eh?
when I wrote my first post about scoliosis in Oman a few months ago, a journalist working for Oman Observer asked me to provide some info related to that, so that he could write and publish something about this disease in Oman.

I'd say it's an inspiration=) although I haven't told him anything =p

Standy said...

lool.. they must have run out of ideas..

Suburban said...

I have worked with the week on a number of stories, but they have always attributed to me.

the flip side, I've had two separate journalists from MD contact me and pretty much ask me to do all their research for them. I was not impressed.

Nusy said...

OMG, such a plaigiarist (sp?)

Dave said...

Looks like she spotted the press release much later than you did.

PS: Suburban, you should name and shame the two journalists - if they aren't doing their work, then what the *?&! are they doing?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. What are the journalists doing? Are you serious. MD, just like all the other turds in the biz here are cut'n'paste junkies. It's easier to drink tea when you ain't got shit to do. I work in PR here and the only media people who have ever said no to taking our press kits and releases at any of our events have been the team at Y magazine. But last I heard they were being bamboozled by our clients with 'print our PR or else' statements.

Anonymous said...

MD is the brainchild of Mohona who wants to make sure that the owner Saleha actually goes bankrupt. Everyone knows that how a rural girl from Bangal can become The CEO. (it happens when you do a lot of trips with the owner).The team of editors consist of some well trained dogs of mOhona who wag their tails to get her affection. The real genuine ones are either kicked out or forced to resign. Naturally in order to run the show you need someone to cut-copy -paste

Anonymous said...

dear! dear! dear!

mohana and her sex-toy salah have become a legend in the media circle of muscat! its a pity that the lap dogs working in MD don't get a peek from the lady with right assets

Anonymous said...

MD never looks at talent. It want .....lickers

Anonymous said...

a*&! lickers to be precise

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