It's official: Saturday is a holiday!

Don't you just love long weekends? I know I do!

I think I'll seriously consider another trip up to do buy, or perhaps carry out some aggressive eye-lid inspections, who knows.

Tonight see's match 61 of the FIFA World Cup, a show down between Uruguay and The Netherlands.
Coverage is on Jazeera Sports (+10 and HD), and it kicks off at 10:30pm tonight. I hope the Dutchies win!

In local news, the ROP are cracking down on drivers again with a plan for manditory 48 hours in the slammer for the following offences (if caught): Running red lights, speeding, driving on the shoulder, driving without drivers license and not indicating.

The ROP have also been asking women to cover up more in the last few weeks too. Presumably as it's getting hotter, and women are wearing less, they're being asked to be more modest.

Thats all for today.

le fin.
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  1. LOL, none of my ROP friends would ever ask a woman to cover up:XD lol.

    I would, but I am prude perhaps.

  2. Why is it holiday?...not that i won't like it...:)

  3. really ROP asking women to cover up? Who and where and when....? Read the Sultans own declaration that men and women are EQUAL under the laws of Oman. Women cannot be persectued for not covering up.

    Article (17) All citizens are equal before the Law,(women and men) and they are equal in public rights and duties. There shall be no discrimination between them on the grounds of gender, origin, colour, language, religion, sect, domicile or social status.

    Article (18) Personal freedom is guaranteed in accordance with the Law. No person may be arrested, searched, detained or imprisoned, or have his residence or movement curtailed, except in accordance with the provisions of the Law.

  4. Anonymous - I don't personally know anyone that's been told to cover up by the ROP, but it was circulated recently in a Womens Guild of Oman newsletter.

    Oman Collective Intelligence - It's a holiday to mark the Prophets ascension. As it's a religious holiday, the bars will be closed on Friday.

  5. Anon just put aside the rules and regulations for a moment, the dress code for women has slipped drastically over the past few years. There should be more respect for the culture and the country ... but hey that is just me.

  6. I agree Annon, I know we have to move with the times, but I think the dress code for women has gone from one extreme to another. I frequently see women wearing next to nothing, If they were out clubbing,there would be some reason for that, but I'm talking supermarkets,souk EVERYWHERE.I wear T- shirts,short sleeves and skirts to appropriate places, but not so short they are mistaken for my belt! & I certainly wouldn't go shopping in a pair of shorts & strapless top. I totally agree with you,there should be more respect for the country & culture.


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