Tuesday, June 29, 2010
It's a slow news day today. But of some interest today was Mercer's Cost of Living report. The report basically lists the most expensive cities to live in for expatriates, based on a common set of goods, services, accommodation, etc.

The top 5 Most expensive cities to live in, as an expatriate, anywhere in the world are:

Luanda, Angola (1st)
Tokyo, Japan (2nd)
N'Djamena, Chad (3rd)
Moscow, Russia (4th)
Geneva, Switzerland (5th)

I'm amazed. I always thought Manhatten, London and Moscow were the most expensive cities. OK so Moscow is up there in 4th, but where are the others?!

The top 5 most expensive cities to live in anywhere in the Middle East & African region are:

Luanda, Angola (1st)
N'Djamena, Chad (3rd)
Libreville, Gabon (7th)
Victoria, Seychelles (13th)
Tel Aviv, Israel (19th)

But Muscat comes in at 176th place. So where did we stack up against the other major cities in the GCC?

Abu Dhabi, UAE (50th)
Dubai, UAE (55th)
Manama, Bahrain (139)
Riyadh, KSA (144)
Doha, Qatar (146)
Kuwait City, Kuwait (152)
Muscat, Oman (176)
Jeddah, KSA (181)

And it's been my experience that groceries are more expensive here than in Dubai. Hmmph!

Also, a small highlight, local manufacturer Oman Plastics Industries began making "oxo-biodegrable" plastic bags. I am assuming these are the new type of plastic bags that degrade a lot quicker than your standard shopping bag. I wonder if any of the local supermarket chains will start using them?

That's all for today!

le fin.


Non-Crowned Princess said...


groceries in Dubai may be cheaper than groceries in Muscat, no problem with that. As far as I know clothes in Japan are kind of cheap. I found that they can even be cheaper than clothes in Masukatto(Muscat, the Japanese pronunciation). It sounds like another logical reason for me to move to Japan, lol.

The Restless Quill said...

Hello, Mr Prolific. How much do you pay the elves who are doing such a regular job on your blog? 176th -- a really odd number but you've placed it in context nicely. Interesting how two of the most expensive countries are in the poorest continent.

Anonymous said...

Chad?? Really???

-Omani in US

James said...

Given the never ending discussions about the grass beeing greener on the other side, this has been a very enlightening blog. Many thanks Sythe

Anonymous said...

I am in Lebanon and crossing into Syria later today. Then I'm coming to collect you and your pathetic life and kidnap you back to the US to face the charges you forgot about. You cannot hide, you cannot escape...I am like the queer Canadian Mountie...I always get my man. But for capturing you, I can collect a tidy sum from the Feds. Why the hell they would want a pathetic old queen like you, don't know, don't care. I just want the tag and the cash. The flight ...by the way, will be private...a G4, CIA, but you'll be unconscious most of the way.

Sythe said...

How very exciting, a private jet ride!

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