Tom Jones - Update

Tickets will go on sale tonight, or tomorrow morning, for RO 25.

You can buy them from 1 of 3 locations:

1/ Intercontinental Box Office (I presume that means the Concierge desk)
2/ OUA MQ Retail location
3/ The Bose store in QCC

For more information, call 95555699

Better buy them sooner rather than later, there will only be 3500 tickets available for this concert.

le fin.
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Pesto Sauce said...

Came here as I was looking for blogs about Muscat and must complliment you that yours is the best of the lot

I am an Indian and will be relocating to Muscat in April.My office is in Ruwi and I am looking for bachelor accomodation in and around Ruwi (CBD, darsait, Al Khuwair) for around RO 200-250. Can you suggest how to find suitable places?? Any help is appreciated

Sythe said...

Hi Pesto Sauce.

Check out the very helpful Oman Forum, especially the Ex-Pat info forum. You should be able to find some help there.

I would note to you that Al Khuwair is no where near the CBD, or Darsait.

Anonymous said...

What time the concert starts?

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