Thursday, January 28, 2010

With not a lot better to do today other than sit around and nurse my head and listen to some music, I ventured on to Twitter. I treat Twitter like a chat room, which I'm not sure is the point of it, but it's pretty amusing to pass the time.

Recently, Other Oman blogged and twittered about a stolen 4x4 vehicle..... and a twitterer tweeted that they had found it. Less than 12 hours. Twitter 1 - ROP 0. Pretty good I'd say.

But on with business.

The arguable grand-father of the Omani Bloggersphere, Muscati (his blog is now defunct) tweeted the following:

@muscati Hi FM looking for a new presenter: "Us or Canadian accent preffered but not essential!!"

So, I clicked the link, and this is what I discovered:

Hi Fm is the Number 1 brand in english radio in Oman, and it is looking for a new team member.

You will be a strong confident individual, have a great on air persona, with a proven background, have good production skills, and can work as a team player and fit into a AC format station with ease.

You MUST hold a degree, ( visa requirement ) Us or Canadian accent preffered but not essential!!

You will be rewarded with life in the sun and a great renueration package.

In the first instance email your CV and Mp3 demo (no more than 3mb or 3 mins no online listen links please as we are not going to hunt for a demo!!) to

Previous applicants need not apply,

To apply:
CV and Mp3 demo to

Interesting. However, it does amuse me that to work in radio, you apparently do not need to know how to spell. Which I guess makes sense.

I was tempted to submit a false application.... but I just cant be bothered. Perhaps one of you will? :)

I wonder if this means that Hi FM will start playing some more alternative / rock music?

Does Omanization policy not apply to Hi FM? I find it odd that none of the dj's on the station are Omani... I wonder if the chaps down at the Ministry of Manpower have clocked onto that one yet? But then again, no one actually listens to Hi FM, do they? So I guess no one will ever think to go and raid them ;)

Enjoy the weekend.

le fin.


Undercover Dragon said...

I liked the part that says 'previous applicants need not apply'... Is that specifically just for Andy Pizer do you think?

Anonymous said...


I'm sure you are well aware that companies tend to fulfill Omanisation quotas 'off-stage' in the form of support staff, drivers, etc.

-Omani in US

Suburban said...

I'm thinking I should apply, just for a laugh. Great post, and thanks for the Props.

Sythe said...

UD - who knows?! :p
OIUS - yes, yes, but Oman FM has Omani DJ's (OK they're not great but instead of hiring, Hi FM could try training some local talent instead?)
Sub - go for it!!!

Anonymous said...


Considering it's mostly expats who listen to Hi FM, wouldn't the punters prefer native English speakers (of the western variety) as DJ's?

-Omani in US

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